Extra MyCode Added!
There are a few more fun BBCodes added in for you to play with.

By inserting specially made tags you can make the text highlighted with a yellow background.
[light]YOUR TEXT HERE[/light]

With these tags you can make your text show between sets of asterisks (**) - they call this a 'fact'.
[fact]YOUR TEXT HERE[/fact]

This one will make large images into thumbnails.
The board already turns images into thumbs when you attach them via the attachment feature in the reply or posting area but if you have an image hosted elsewhere this is very good for that and it will keep the image from becoming too big for the screen's margins.
Simply do the following:
  • Find your image where it's hosted and copy the image address. Don't forget to include the http:// bit
  • Insert the address between these tags:
    [thumb]IMAGE ADDRESS HERE[/thumb]
  • Preview to make sure it is satisfactory and then hit save when you're through composing your post.