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Mankind started . . . - Carsman - 10-12-2017



In the news today: London, Texas, in 1936 is when this strange piece of rock connected to a smooth wooden handle was found.

It was, in fact, an iron hammer, but scientists were baffled.

Radiocarbon analysis revealed it was roughly 500 million years old.

Not only would that mean that it predates what was thought the time that humans first appeared, but it didn’t even show any traces of rust.

Shocking to say the least!

If true, do you think that would dispel today's religions? I do.

[Image: 7BeUvFV.jpg]

RE: Mankind started . . . - SIXFOOTERsez - 10-13-2017

Yea, I am calling bullshit
500 million is way back when dinosaurs ran things, that doesn't look much like a T-Rex killer to me.
It is either a Rail Road hammer, or a mining hammer, its clearly forged, see the facets on the sides?
That technology didn't come along until 1200 or so AD

RE: Mankind started . . . - Maggot - 10-13-2017

It was left behind by the dinosaur dentist.

RE: Mankind started . . . - Jimbone - 10-13-2017

There's a more logical explanation than the 500 million years claim, but the owner won't allow proper scientific study of the hammer.

The rock it was encased is probably dissolved sediment that hardened over the 100 or so years it was left behind.

RE: Mankind started . . . - Maggot - 10-13-2017

C'mon they are looking for a grant to tide them over for a year or so. Maybe they should get on the climate gravy train instead.