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Remodel - BigMark - 10-04-2018

two months of eating out of the spare bathroom, hot plate, microwave and dorm size refrigerator. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!  The_Villagers

RE: Remodel - Duchess - 10-04-2018

Good! I hope they're still there well into 2019!

...I hope you don't get a boner until then too!

RE: Remodel - Clang McFly - 10-04-2018

*evil laugh*

RE: Remodel - Maggot - 10-04-2018

I postponed my pain for a year. I'm hoping the western sunsets get better to influence me.

RE: Remodel - BigMark - 10-04-2018

[Image: gAIeJk9.jpg]

RE: Remodel - BigMark - 10-04-2018

Crazy ass stove with different burners and griddle.

[Image: vB3pEdG.jpg]

RE: Remodel - sally - 10-05-2018

The counter tops are beautiful. I have a griddle on my stove too and it beats the hell out of using a pan. Because it's gas it gets really hot so you can use it like a hibachi grill.

RE: Remodel - Duchess - 10-05-2018

Yes, they are. Do I see a turbo burner on the range?

RE: Remodel - BigMark - 10-05-2018

Jess ma'm.

RE: Remodel - Duchess - 10-05-2018

(10-05-2018, 09:14 AM)BigMark Wrote: Jess ma'm.

Call me Duchess or Elisabeth or you goddamn bitch, anything but ma'am.   Dramaqueen