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[Image: emilyglass21.jpg?resize=678%2C678]

Glass ^ had three children of her own, including the 1-year-old girl pictured with Glass, Jonathan Hernadez, and Lucas Hernandez.

On May 24, Glass led David Marshburn, a private investigator hired by Lucas’ father, to the boy’s decaying remains. The boy’s body had been hidden under a culvert bridge about 20 miles north of Wichita and was covered with debris.

Police arrested Glass on suspicion of lying to authorities, but she was freed. Prosecutors never charged her in Lucas’ death but said she was a person of interest.

In an interview for the podcast “Crime Stories With Nancy Grace” that aired Monday, Hernandez said he no longer believes or supports Glass and that he is “a bit confused by” her release from jail.

Hernandez also told Grace that Glass told the private investigator she had panicked after she found Lucas dead in his bed one evening or morning. The podcast included part of a recording captured by Marshburn in which Glass said in a shaky voice: “I did Lucas so wrong. I did him wrong.”

Glass's best friend and some case followers don't believe Glass killed herself.

The autopsy on Lucas hasn't been released, so it's not clear if police know how he died.

One thing I know................if nothing criminal occurred and you find a child dead in his bed, you don't drive the body to a secluded location, dump him under a bridge, and then make up a story about him going missing.

Anyway, I think it's unlikely that Lucas died in his sleep. Hopefully, Lucas's autopsy will provide the cause of death.

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