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I don't hate the EPA, but they have definitely fucked up (like virtually every government agency, at some point).

Earlier on, for example, the federal EPA was worthless at best and complicit at worst in regards to the Flint, Michigan drinking water disaster and cover up. Now, at least, they're on it and devoting considerable resources to the crisis.

I don't agree with politicians actively working to undermine important agencies like the EPA. The country needs a national body to advocate and protect the environment (and the life therein) from corporate polluters and other greedy fuckers.

When the EPA fucks up, the responsible leaders and agents should be held accountable and the agency should be pushed for continued improvement and effectiveness. It should not be run into the ground by a greedy grifter at the top (so long Pruitt) and/or starved of resources / power.

07-11-2018 11:43 PM
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