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Crimes Quashed by Citizens

[Image: clap.gif] Yay! Love that they got the snot beat out of themselves. *snicker*
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Good one from the Kenya Mall


An Ex-Royal Marine with a handgun saved 100 people as Islamists attacked the Kenyan Westgate Mall. According to the Daily Mail, the former Marine was having coffee with friends in Westgate Mall when the attack began. Armed only with his handgun, he immediately began gathering people and getting them out of the building.
One of his friends said, "He went back inside twelve times and saved 100 people. Imagine going back in when you knew what was going on inside."
The hero with a handgun is a former Royal Marine who now lives in Kenya, but he cannot be identified for security reasons.
Suffice it to say, "British military regularly [trains] and [operates] out of Kenya, and have been involved in tracking UK citizen involved with hardline Islamists in Somalia and Yemen."

[Image: n-FRANCO-SCARAMUZZA-large.jpg?6] [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcREUhGOstJBmo4Bj9v9w3h...LEfATn-ndw]
Franco Scaramuzza foiled would-be robbers Michael Butt and Zachary Johnson with a fencing sword

Scaramuzza (a fencing instructor) was pulling into the shopping center near the corner of Highway 70 South and Old Hickory Boulevard in Nashville when he saw two men use pepper spray against a couple, then steal a purse.

“The first thing that went through my head is somebody should do something, and that’s when I got really upset and disappointed with myself, because I realized I had the opportunity to do something. And I didn’t want to be a hypocrite who just tweeted about it,” Scaramuzza said.

Scaramuzza then jumped out of his car, grabbed his fencing sword, called an épée, and started charging toward the suspects.

He had just finished practice Tuesday, so he was already on guard with the full outfit and épée in hand.

“I charged towards them, holding my épée up high, and, you know, yelling at them,” he said. “I kept yelling throughout the entire thing. They completely panicked and dropped everything they stole and really took off.”

The suspects are in jail on $50k bond.


hah Good job!

I so much enjoy the bad guys being scared. It makes me feel happy.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Quash a crime against your employer, get fired

A New Hampshire gas station clerk who thwarted an attempted robbery (pulled his concealed weapon on a would-be robber who'd pulled a knife; chased the robber off) was fired because company policy prohibits staff from carrying firearms.

The incident was caught on surveillance video.

[Image: n-BEAR-large570.jpg?6]
29 year-old Bear Cothran

Cothran told CBS Boston he had a gun because there had been numerous robberies in Nashua targeting convenience stores like the one where he worked, and that it was just a matter of time until it happened to him. He'd been on the job for 10 years and has a concealed carry permit.

Nouria said in a statement Wednesday that it instructs its cashiers to give thieves what they ask for during a robbery attempt to resolve the conflict peacefully and quickly.

The company said its policies are similar to others in the industry and consistent with the advice offered by police.

CBS Boston reports Nashua Police Lt. Denis Linehan said that while he wants to be sure clerks have proper training before arming themselves, he believes Cothran was within his rights.

"The clerk acted appropriately. He did fear for his life...he was in close proximity to a deadline weapon," Linehan said.

Cothran told CBS Boston: "I would rather find a new job than either be in a hospital bed or in a coffin."


10 years on the job and he was fired right after the incident (though he'd proactively filed a report about it with the company and the store and district managers lobbied against his termination).

The company has a clear zero-tolerance policy regarding guns, of which Bear was aware.

If you were the company decision-maker or HR Manager, would you have fired him?

Herb Pearce, a Chase Bank customer, quashed a bank robbery in Fullerton, California by "clocking" the would-be robber twice.

The suspect was arrested and his gun turned out to be fake.

Police say he probably would have succeeded at the robbery were it not for Pearce, but they don't recommend that anyone attempt attacking what appears to be armed robbers.

Herb's motivation: "I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some junkie come in there and take my money".

Herb broke his hand and has no health insurance; Chase Bank is looking to pay his medical bill. He probably saved the bank a hell of a lot of money.

(I wonder what the bank's security guard was doing at the time.)
Here's one from Reading PA

Man shoots, kills 2 armed robbers

I tried looking up the suspects criminal records but had no luck. There is a commenter (13 comments down) that states that Medina was arrested in 2011. Not sure how truthful that comment is, but I guess it doesn't matter much now. The two fools messed with the wrong hombre.
Bus-ted in Seattle

An armed robber in a ski mask successfuly robbed several bus passengers of their wallets and cell phones on November 25th.

Then... he approached another passenger demanding the goods and the passenger grabbed the thief's gun-wielding arm; other passengers rushed in to help restrain the criminal.

Luckily no one was hurt and the passengers held the man until police arrived and arrested him.

The robber is charged with two counts of felony armed robbery and one count of felony attempted robbery. He faces 15 years in prison.

Hard to dispute the surveillance video and eye witnesses. So long, sucker.

I love this one, from CNN today.

Police say a burglar in southern Spain who stole an old Super 8 camera and tapes from a home discovered to his horror the graphic video content of a man sexually abusing boys.

The burglar put three tapes in a brown envelope, hid them under a parked car, and then called police from a public phone, directing them to go find it.

Inside the envelope, police found a note with the home address of the suspected pedophile and a message from the burglar:

"I've had the misfortune that these tapes have fallen into my hands and I feel obligated to turn them in so that you can do your job and put that (expletive) in prison for life."

Spanish national police confirmed Thursday they arrested a 64-year-old suspected child molester this week at his home -- the one that had been burglarized -- in the southern provincial capital of Jaen.

The suspect is a local football (soccer) coach who lived alone. He lured some of his young players into watching pornographic videos together, and then sexually abused them, police said.

Police have identified four minor boys who were victims of the alleged abuse, including a 16-year-old who may have been abused for six years.

The suspected pedophile had reported the burglary at his home to police, listing various electrical appliances that were stolen. But he didn't mention the camera or the tapes, police said.

At his home, police said they found other tapes with graphic content of sexual abuse of boys.

And yes, they're still looking for the burglar, the one "with a conscience," said a police officer in Jaen.
That story reminds me of what a prisoner once said to a friend of mine who worked as a guard.

There were some objects missing from one of the prisoner's cells, and the guards were asking the prisoners on the block if they had seen or taken the items. When my friend questioned one of the men the prisoner replied, "I'm a murderer man, I ain't no fucking thief."
Target Worker Quashes Child Abduction 44

[Image: article-2535583-1A7BEBFE00000578-759_308x387.jpg]

Roxanna Ramirez works as a loss prevention specialist at Target in Pittsburg, in Northern California.

She spotted a customer acting strangely in the store and then watched him in the parking lot, acting very strangely, changing his clothes, and pounding on the steering wheel. Roxanna noted the details and filed the report with the company.

Shortly thereafter, she saw an Amber Alert for a 7 year-old named Natalie Calvo who had been abducted from outside of her home in nearby Antioch. The description of the suspect sounded like the strange dude she'd encountered, so she called police and gave them the details and the license plate that she'd jotted down.

Within an hour, police had caught the man using the info that Roxanna had provide them. The suspect is 43 year-old David Douglas. He had Natalie with him and the girl was rescued. Douglas admitted kidnapping her, but said that he didn't sexually assault her or anything. He also said he's not mentally ill, but there's a government conspiracy against his life and God was going to tell him what to do with the girl next.

Who knows what would have happened to little Natalie had Roxanna Ramirez not put two and two together and called police right away. Big thumbs up to the 22 year-old.

(01-08-2014, 01:29 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: He says there's a government conspiracy against his life and God was going to tell him what to do with the girl next.

Well I don't know about you but I'm convinced.
We need to punish the French, ignore the Germans and forgive the Russians - Condoleezza Rice.
(01-08-2014, 02:17 PM)Cynical Ninja Wrote: Well I don't know about you but I'm convinced.

hah Yeah, sounds reasonable to me, too.

This is a good story.

Jermaine Jordan, 33, allegedly followed a woman from car to car on a New York subway trying to assault her.

At one point, he went to punch her and she blocked him.

That's whey an off-duty probation officer saw what was going on, pulled his gun (without feeling compelled to fire it) and held the alleged assailant at bay until police arrived and arrested Jordan.

Jordan has over 24 arrests on his records. The subway incident is all on tape - solid evidence.

Jordan's been charged with assault. See ya Jordan...

Story and video:
Several years ago I had caught a group of guys trying to break Into my car while visiting a friend's house. My friend's sisters' car had been broken into the night before. The sister had come screaming into the basement to tell us my car was being broken into and so I grabbed the phone a piece of small wood from next to the fireplace. The three of us took off running after the bad guys as I called this in. You could hear them jumping fences and so we all went separate ways.

Eventually I had one pinned up a tree and the other two came and found me by driving down the street in their truck. They popped out and so I kindly screamed up to the kid that he should comes own or I as coming up. Apparently he didn't believe me so I started up and quickly he jumped down. I quickly instructed him he was to get in the back of the truck( it had a canopy but no door enclosure) and he was starting to argue and I just kept getting louder and louder. I even told him he was under citizen arrest and I could do whatever I needed to do at this point to detain him. He was scared at this point and jumped in.

My friend asked if I knew how to drive a stick and I said nope but I've played softball since I was 5(at least that young) and I looked at him and said so if you think I'm going to miss I dare you to try me. And then I looked at my friend and said just driver really slow. So he did and I walked behind and his buddies tried to come get him and they drove up behind me and I swung on their car and they put their car in reverse real quick and never came back. So when we got back to the house two blocks away I called the police back to say hey I got one come get him.... It took 2.5 hours for them to show up!!!!! I even told them I was hold him with a piece of wood like a 2x4. But eventually they came and took him away.

Apparently there were a lot of break ins in the area because a lot of people in the neighborhood came by and talked shit to the guy. Even one guy said "well go for a short walk... Come on let's go I'll tell police I found dead man on corner.... I bet you are the one who broke into my momma house." And then turned around and he said "wait I'll be right back I don't have my gun on me."

Apparently that whole fight or flight thing.... I guess I'm a fighter not a flighter lol.
You're are just an attention seeker what if one of them had had a knife or a gun?, your stand against blatant wrongdoing makes me sick, fuck you!

We need to punish the French, ignore the Germans and forgive the Russians - Condoleezza Rice.
Kidnapper Foiled

[Image: Jesus-Delgado-Grady-O-Brien-20140301230819.jpg]

Jesus Delgado ^ is being celebrated as a hero after he foiled the attempted kidnapping of 4-year-old Grady O'Brien (pictured) in Westchester, California on Wednesday afternoon.

The young boy was walking with a nanny along Manchester Drive when a man grabbed the child and tried to run off with him. Delgado, an employee of T2 Tacos which is located near where the incident took place, was alerted to the crime when the nanny started screaming. He ran the suspect down, stopped him and was able to hold him until authorities arrived.

The suspect was arrested and has been charged with kidnapping. Grady's parents thanked Delgado profusely and the rest of the community has joined in praising his alertness and willingness to get involved. Delgado says he was just operating on instinct.

A group called Moms With Westchester & Playa del Rey started a GoFundMe account to raise money for Delgado, who has a 6-year-old special needs child.


by this asshole:

[Image: aaron-stillday.jpg?w=642]

The little guy was following his aunt out of his daycare center in Minneapolis when Aaron Wayne Stillday, 32, puched him in the face, knocked him down, and stole his iPad.

Luckily, Mohammad Armeli, a restaurant owner, heard the commotion, called police and chased the suspect for half a mile. Stillday was then caught by police and arrested. 44

“This is the scum of the earth,” Armeli told WCCO. “You cannot hit a child like that. Don’t hit him for his iPad, or for anything.”

It's all on surveillance video.

The local Apple store saw the video and replaced the kid's iPad at no charge.
A promise by Florida CrimeStoppers is the guarantee of anonymity if you are reporting a crime. It's a foundation of the agency and practiced for the protection of those who report crimes. Strict adherence to this promise assures anyone who is debating whether to report a crime or just to remain quiet out of fear of reprisal that they are safe to 'take a bite out of crime'. Without it public participation would certainly diminish or completely disappear. A Florida Judge just sentenced the head of CrimeStoppers to jail for a minimum of 14 days because he would NOT divulge the name of one of those citizens who called under this program assuring their anonymity.

[Image: giphy.gif]

(03-14-2014, 12:45 PM)ZEROSPHERES Wrote: A Florida Judge just sentenced the head of CrimeStoppers to jail for a minimum of 14 days because he would NOT divulge the name of one of those citizens who called under this program assuring their anonymity.

Very poor judgement and the result will be less people wanting to get involved.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The director of Crime Stoppers in Miami-Dade County was arrested Friday morning on a contempt of court charge.
Richard Masten was at the Miami-Dade County Courthouse Friday for refusing to release information on a tipster that helped make an arrest in a cocaine case.
The arrest was confirmed to CBS4 by Maureen Hickey at Crimestoppers. The arrest was said to be for two weeks, according to Hickey.
The judge in the case is Judge Victoria Brennan.

[Image: giphy.gif]