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Crimes Quashed by Citizens
This is a thread for alleged crimes and attempted crimes that are prevented or solved by concerned citizens.

Like this one:

[Image: s-TEMAR-BOGGS-large.jpg?6]
Temar Boggs (15) and Jocelyn Rojas (5)

15 year old Temar Boggs and his friend joined the neighborhood search for 5 year old Jocelyn Rojas.

Jocelyn was reportedly lured from her front yard in Lancaster, Pennsylvania into a car by a man promising ice cream. She was reported missing right away. LE and neighbors began scouring the area.

2 hours later and just before an Amber Alert was issued, Temar showed up at the house with Jocelyn.

He and his friend had spotted Jocelyn in a maroon sedan about a half mile from her home.

The man driving the car tried to elude them around the slow township streets, but the boys continued following on their bikes for 15 minutes before the driver stopped and let the girl out. She appeared unharmed. 44

The abductor has not yet been apprehended, but the boys described the car and police also have a description of the man and his clothing (from Jocelyn and/or the boys).

Story and video here:

Very cool story & awesome to read about young people in a positive light.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
The media rarely highlight positive stories like that its usually a diet of murder/death/hate and FOX style scaremongering.

From the simpsons -

Kent Brockman - we now talk to our resident crime expert Andrew Collins, Mr Collins do you think its time for the people of Springfield to go out of their homes and take to the streets in a state of blind and hysterical panic and fear?

Andrew Collins - yes I would Kent.
We need to punish the French, ignore the Germans and forgive the Russians - Condoleezza Rice.
Manager Joe Cho was working in the office of Pepe’s Grocery and Deli in Dallas, Texas when two armed men wearing bandannas entered the store and demanded money from a cashier. Cho responded by retrieving a .38-caliber revolver and firing at the criminals, who returned fire and fled. None of Cho’s employees were hurt during the incident.

Cho’s decision to provide for his and his employee’s defense proved to be a wise one. Following the attempted robbery, Cho notified the police, telling them, “Hey, we got robbed, I need police as soon as possible.” “As soon as possible” turned out to be about an hour and 20 minutes later. (The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas 05/06/13)
You couldn't get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.

With the same mouth I use to diss George I would just like to say that more people should get a gun and depend on themselves & not the police.

[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
(07-19-2013, 11:46 AM)Duchess Wrote: [size=medium][i]
With the same mouth I use to diss George

Fatboy was at no point quashing crime he was stalking and profiling someone in the dark.
We need to punish the French, ignore the Germans and forgive the Russians - Condoleezza Rice.
Some of you thought I had shot myself in the head.
And that I was doomed.

[Image: 11.jpg]

But thanks to jurors like B37 I got away with it.

[Image: 22.jpg]

And I can't wait get home so I can make my neighborhood safe again
....for some

[Image: giphy.gif]

This is kind of a cool story. Crime quashed(or at least nullified) by the criminals themselves.

Yeah, they're burglars and shouldn't have stolen the stuff in the first place; they'll probably end up behind bars soon enough and rightly so.

But, at least they have a bit of conscience.


Several burglars seemingly had a change of heart after learning that they'd targeted a Southern California charity.

The thieves stole a number of computers from the Sexual Assault Services Center, based in San Bernardino. The alarm company notified the Director of the Center and police were called. But, by the time they arrived on the scene, the thieves had gone.

Two hours later, Stallings (the Center's Director) received another call, this time from police, saying there was suspicious activity at the same address.

When Stallings returned to the center, she found a shopping cart with the stolen property.

Inside the laptop was a written note that read:

“We had no idea what we’re taking. Here your stuff back. We hope that you guys can continue to make a difference in people’s lives. God bless.”
(08-09-2013, 02:02 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: “We had no idea what we’re taking. Here your stuff back. We hope that you guys can continue to make a difference in people’s lives. God bless.”

hah I can applaud that.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
They Got Hosed...

According to police, the manager at Church's Chicken in Akron was using a kitchen hose to clean in the back of the store when he noticed movement by the back door. Two armed robbers then forced their way inside the restaurant.

The manager quickly turned the hose to hot, and sprayed the robbers. The soaked suspects left, only to return a few seconds later. The manager sprayed them with the hose again, and they finally fled for good.

Police believe the same men are responsible for robbing the restaurant last Sunday. During that heist, the two armed men got away with roughly $30.

[Image: 23237274BG32jpg.jpg]
This one never gets old

Here is another one

Man, 73, shoots and wounds burglary suspect at his Oakland Park home

A burglary suspect, Kevin Madigan, 45 of Boca Raton was shot by an Oakland Park homeowner, officials said.

By Wayne K. Roustan, Sun Sentinel
4:38 a.m. EDT, August 29, 2013

A 73-year-old Oakland Park man stood his ground Wednesday and now a burglary suspect is in the hospital recovering from several gunshot wounds, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.

Kevin Madigan, 45, of Boca Raton, was taken to Broward Health Medical Center. He was found bleeding and slumped at the wheel of a Toyota Camry that crashed into some bushes near Northeast 11th Avenue and 43rd Street in Oakland Park, sheriff's spokesman Mike Jachles said.

"His injuries were described as not life-threatening," he said. "There was stolen property recovered, a TV among other things, in his vehicle."

It started around 5 p.m. when the burglary suspect smashed a front window at a home on the 4400 block of Northeast 18th Avenue. A neighbor heard the glass shatter, came outside, saw the suspect putting stolen property in the car and she called 911 to give operators a description and tag number, Jachles said.

After loading up the car, the burglar attacked the woman to get her phone and that's when the 73-year-old man fired shots at the intruder, wounding him several times, he said.

"It appears this was a justifiable shooting," Jachles said. "Every indication is that the homeowner was defending himself, his property and his neighbor from being attacked by the intruder."

Madigan is accused of committing an occupied residential burglary but more charges are expected once he is well enough to be booked into the Broward County Jail.
Yet Another one

Texas Dad beats his daughter’s child molester to death… He won’t be charged!

Don’t mess with Texas!

A Texas father walked in on his five-year-old daughter being molested and wasted no time in beating the man to death. The grand jury found the dad not guilty due to a state law that allows deadly force to be used to stop an aggravated sexual assault.

The incident occurred June 9th near Shiner, Texas. Someone spotted a farmhand, Jesus Flores carrying the girl into a secluded area and alerted the girl’s father. The concerned parent ran towards his daughters screams and found them both with their underwear off. He flew into a rage and beat Flores into unconsciousness. When he was sure the man was no longer a threat, he called 911 to report on the incident. ”Come on! This guy is going to die on me! I don’t know what to do.” he yelled.

The event was treated as a homicide but the father did not go to jail and will not be charged with a crime.
(09-02-2013, 09:05 PM)SIXFOOTERsez Wrote: The event was treated as a homicide but the father did not go to jail and will not be charged with a crime.

I remember when this happened & I was delighted to read over the weekend that the father wouldn't be prosecuted, that's as it should be.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Quick Draw McGraw - Checkmate

This may be the fastest crime-quash yet.

A would-be robber in Marionville, Missouri was told by a military vet, Jon Alexander (who was working a temp job as a liquor store clerk), that he needed to take his smoke outside.

The would-be robber responded by telling Alexander that he needed to hand over all of the money in the register and pulled a gun on Alexander.

Alexander immediately pulled his gun from its holster and told the would-be robber 'you need to get out of here before I blow your head off.' The robber backed out of the store pronto.

All 11 seconds of the exchange were caught on camera:

"I think it's a situation where everybody has to determine what they are capable of handling," says Max Dawson, who has owned the store for two years. "Wouldn't recommend everybody do it. You have to have a little training to be able to do stuff like that."

Nice to see the tables turned on the bad guys.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
The guy behind the counter was much to nice by giving the armed robber a pass. He should have blown the guy's head off.

[Image: giphy.gif]


[Image: BINGO---CBS-Boston_244x183.jpg]
Busted: 46-year-old Charles Preston and 20-year-old Justin Preston

These two winners, father and son, tried to rob the church bingo hall about a block from their home in southern New Hampshire.

The son stayed outside, while his father went in and threatened church employees with a gun. Dad put his gun down to help bag up the $15k in cash, and that's when an employee grabbed it and restrained the would-be robber, who then claimed that he had a bomb.

Churchgoers kept Preston restrained and called the police.

The father is being held on $75,000 bail, and his son on $25,000.
Where are my keys?......Oh, shit

[Image: s-ANDREW-FRANK-LAVIGUER-large.jpg?6]

Andrew Frank Laviguer, 57, was arrested Monday afternoon for allegedly robbing of a Wells Fargo in Portland, Ore.

Police say he attempted to get into his getaway car, but quickly realized he left his car keys inside the bank. Oops

Laviguer allegedly than ran away, scattering cash and forcing the evacuation of a building, reported.

After the bank robbery was reported, Portland Police Dept. Commander Bob Day, said 911 callers helped police keep a handle on the suspect.

"He was running through the blocks, running all over the place, and people were calling us, helping us out," Day told

When Laviguer was arrested, the arresting officers discovered that the gun he allegedly flashed during the robbery was actually a fake, KOMO News reported.

Investigators booked Laviguer into the Multnomah County Jail, on a previous arrest warrant. Besides Monday's robbery, police say he is also the primary suspect in five other heists in Oregon and Washington.
Tables turned

Police say Johnny Calderon Jr., 19, and Gerald Allen, 18, allegedly held two men at gunpoint in Charlottesville, Va.

[Image: r-BEATUP-large570.jpg?6]

The intended victims weren't in the mood and overtook the would-be robbers, beat the crap outta them and detained them until police arrived.

Calderon and Allen were badly injured. Police say both suspects had to be taken to a hospital before going to jail.