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She would totally disappear for a bit after she visited the free loofah table.
Despite your pervy loofah obsession, I'm going to have to rescind your 'Mock's Worst Troll' title. Sorry Biggie.

Som Yung Ho has proven he definitely deserves the title. Unlike you, he's unoriginal, juvenile and boring -- whether he's pretending to be a dipshit or just being himself.

You can keep the trophy if you want though.
HOTD, I dunno, I think they are a pretty close 1st and 2nd if not a dead on tie
I don't know, Six. I like Biggie even when he's scratching up my backside. He's an alright guy and I'd miss him if he took his loofahs and bailed.

Som Yung Ho, not so much. He's weird AND boring, which is a pretty pitiful mix. I'm sticking with Ho as "Mock's Worst Troll", by a pretty wide margin at this point.

Hopefully, that won't inspire Biggie to go all dipshit on me in attempt to win back the title. Smiley_emoticons_smile