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Antifa anti metal?
Taake‘s forthcoming spring North American tour has been cancelled in the wake of allegations from Antifa of Nazism being leveled at the group based on a T-shirt that front man Hoest wore back in 2007 that had a swastika painted on it. Hoest has since apologized and stated that it was done to incite a reaction and as a joke. Antifa has also claimed the group has anti-Islamic lyrics.

This is ignorance at its finest. Taake are Black Norwegian Metal. They don't just hate Islam, they hate all religion and they are not Nazi extremists. They're just Satanists.
At what point has Antifa gone too far? In this case, they are making a judgement on what they believe to be offensive to them. If they find country and western music offensive is it okay to keep a C&W band from touring? Lady Gaga? U2? Where do you draw the line? I'm fucking offended by Antifa.