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Let's pretend Jesus is real
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RE: Let's pretend Jesus is real

Jesus didn't believe, and evidence shows he probably would have been appalled at what they turned him into. Jesus wanted to be a good jew and make life easier for other jews. He was not a proponent of spreading his message to gentiles. That's you, in case you wondered. Jesus was actually pretty dismissive of gentiles in general, even telling one non-jew who asked him for guidance that he wasn't going to "throw the children's bread to feed dogs." (matthew)

The preaching to gentiles part was all Paul, who called it his special great commission. Mainly because he'd been excluded from the elite apostle crew and was more or less a bandwagon self-promoter who made his name after Jesus got smoked. PS the early complete codex I mentioned upthread makes zero mention of resurrection, in any sense. Prevailing wisdom is that shit was added much, much later, even after the original followers were long dead.

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