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The Mexican caravan is in for a rude awakening
(04-21-2018, 10:37 PM)Maggot Wrote: Facts that are disseminated and dolled out in a partisan way are simply not a mirrored good example of public opinion. Even as opinion is not immersed in fact, the separation of partisan facts are wide and in that you have to agree.

Or you have to admit that party lines are not really a true barometer of ideological differences. In which I pray you are correct. For the good of all.

Or you have to wonder if you will do laundry today or not. Perspective is everything.

I have no idea what the hell you're trying to say Mags.

I do know the facts about this migrant caravan and facts are immune from partisan spin from either side.

I'm an Independent (a real one) and have found myself leaning more towards (past) Republican policies in some cases and more towards Democratic policies in others.

As for your comment about California being a 'welfare state', I'm not sure why you seem so obsessed over it.

As I've already posted several times over the years in response to your rhetoric, Californians get much less federal support than most other states, including yours.

Blue states, especially California, in fact pay more in federal taxes and fund a good deal of federal support to red and purple states. Furthermore, since red states -- which the Republican party relied upon to win the 2016 electoral vote -- will now be benefiting from 2018's tax reform whereas most blue state residents will not, your shaming attempts are even more illogical.

I personally don't mind if part of Californians' support to other states is used to pay for New Hampshire's record-breaking Opioid addiction problem, for example, assuming the federal government FINALLY takes action to do something about it.

I want to see progress made to help Americans across the country on that front. The blame for the epidemic lies at the feet of lawmakers beholden to pharmaceutical companies. Thus, I don't falsely blame or feel contempt towards New Hampshirites (nor the Mexicans that President Trump has nonsensically attempted to blame it on).

So, your tendency to waste energy fretting over Californians' state and local taxes which support our own programs (and don't affect you in any way) strikes me as petty and misguided. But, it's your disgruntled energy and you're free to do with it what you choose.
I'm surprised the fence uprights haven't been greased up yet. It would make some entertaining videos.
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