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Petit Family murders. trial coverage, warning! graphic evidence photos.

That motherfucker! Who the hell is he to presume anything said in regards to these trials would bring solace to that family. Jesus Christ. For a very smart man, that's a very stupid assumption.
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Damn. I can really talk some shit early in the morning. I sound grouchy.
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i think anyone who reads this case feels rage. only there are no words powerful enough to express it.


I don't normally pay attention to this kind of thing because of how it makes me feel but, I've been enthralled with every word you have posted & I look for updates daily during the week. This story & the one about the little Oregon boy have captured my interest in a way no others have.
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this week should conclude the state's wrenching case, and next week will be the defense turn. all the defense can hope for here is to somehow make hayes look less culpable than the evil komisarjevsky and keep him off death row. the real disgust and vomit factor will come in the penalty phase where they try to portray hayes as a poor victim of some societal ill or another. poor potty training perhaps. his lawyer has a job to do, most people understand that concept. but i'd sleep with my gun if i were him.

what is hateful is that when komisarjevsky gets his bite at the judicial apple, the Petits must endure this all over again...a replay of the same horrible evidence. unless the state strikes a deal with the devil. i don't think that's likely.

not surprising.

Defense Lawyer Faces Contempt Hearing


Jeremiah Donovan, the Old Saybrook lawyer who is defending Joshua Komisarjevsky, one of two men accused of killing three Cheshire women in July 2007, has been ordered to show cause why he should not be held in contempt of a gag order.

Donovan last week told reporters outside the courthouse where Steven Hayes is being tried that Komisarjevsky did not anally rape 11-year-old Michaela Petit, as autopsy tests seemed to suggest. Lawyers in the Hayes case have been ordered to make no “extrajudicial statements” which might prejudice Hayes’ right to a fair trial.

Shortly after Donovan’s impromptu news conference, Dr. William Petit Jr., the sole survivor of the home invasion, called for Donovan to be held in contempt. The order to show cause was signed by New Haven Superior Court Judge Roldad D. Fasano, and a hearing is set for Oct. 6 at 2 p.m.

Fasano’s order states that Donovan’s conduct “raises a reasonable likelihood of material, prejudicial impact upon the Hayes trial currently in progress and the Komisarjevsky trial to follow, all in flagrant violation of this court’s Order of Sept. 13, 2010.”

Donovan was tossed out of Judge Jon Blue’s courtroom in the Hayes’ trial after his cell phone unexpectedly launched into the 1970’s pop song, “Joy To The World,” whose opening line states, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog…”•

photos...hayes getting gas, that is the Petit's car. he bought gas to set the fire.
there was no testimony monday. today will be fire marshal, and the state may rest.
also, texts between the 2 bastards.

closing arguments could be by friday.

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the state just rested. a corrections officer testifed today he heard hayes tell another inmate that he killed Mrs. Petit.
there will be no court for a few days while Judge goes over jury instructions...which are usually long and boring as hell.
the defense is up next. should last about 5 minutes.

the defense wisely did not put on much of a a case.just tried to blame the other guy. closings are friday. jury will get it monday.
just when you think it couldn't get more depraved...

(NECN: Brian Burnell, New Haven, Conn.) - The prosecution and the defense have rested in the Cheshire, Connecticut home invasion murder trial of Steven Hayes. The final day of testimony was marked by a stunning claim from Hayes.

It was an outrageous moment in a tragic trial. A moment that made the courtroom hold its collective breath. Dr. William Petit sitting just a few feet away from Steven Hayes as a prison guard testifies he heard Hayes tell another inmate he thought Dr. Petit might have been in on it. In on the terrorizing, rape and murder of his wife and two daughters for insurance money.

Hayes allegedly told the inmate that he tied Dr. Petit, in Hayes' words, "real good" and thought the only way he could have gotten loose is if the other suspect in the case, Joshua Komisarjevsky, loosened the knots.

Dr. William Petit: Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela were the most important people in my life and I really can't dignify that insinuation with a response and I think the evidence put on by the prosecution speaks for itself.

Rev. Richard Hawke: The words that were said today were insensitive, they were cruel and out of place.

The guard also testified that Hayes said Komisarjevsky told him he would have to kill Jennifer Hawke-Petit after the men saw a police cruiser pull up outside the house. According to testimony Hayes first said he didn't know if he could do it but a few minutes later he did kill her.


Oh God, the police were right outside the house when she was killed! I didn't think it could get any more awful until I read that.
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the police have been blamed for a lot in this case. they WERE outside. but until they saw the flames and smoke, and the 2 fuckers ran out of the house, they really thought they had a hostage situation and wanted to negotiate it (according to protocols) rather than go in with SWAT and endanger the hostages. some do blame the police. Dr. Petit does not. there has been word that he will sue the police, but i haven't seen that filed anywhere yet.

downstairs rooms...

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summing up from WFSB in Hartford:

"What was a vibrant house of people at 9 o'clock became a house of terror and horror"

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- Closing arguments in the trial of Cheshire home invasion suspect Steven Hayes were made on Friday, with the jury set to begin deliberations on Monday.

State's Attorney Michael Dearington began Friday by thanking jurors for their service, and said the case is one of the hardest any juror in the state has ever heard.

Prosecutors then began closing statements by describing a sequence of events beginning on July 23, 2007. Prosecutors described the Petit family having a family dinner, which 11-year-old Michaela made, on the night before the crime while the two suspects, Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky, plotted to break into the family's home.

Prosecutors said Hayes told Komisarjevsky he needed money, and that Komisarjevsky asked him how desperate he was. According to prosecutors, Hayes said he would do anything for money, and the pair then planned to break into the Cheshire home and tie up the family and leave with their money.

While the Petits finished their meal, prosecutors said Komisarjevsky and Hayes texted one another about their plan. After eating, Jennifer-Hawke-Petit watched television with Michaela and 17-year-old Hayley while Dr. William Petit read the newspaper on the sun porch.

According to the timeline laid out by prosecutors, Hayes and Komisarjevsky then met and had a beer at a Waterbury bar. The pair drove around until 2 a.m., when they parked in a residential neighborhood and made masks while sitting in their car.

Prosecutors said Hayes and Komisarjevsky walked through the Cheshire neighborhood and decided to break into the Petits' home when they saw Petit sleeping on the couch on the sun porch. Komisarjevsky went into the home through the basement and assaulted Petit with a bat. Prosecutors said Komisarjevsky hit Petit with the bat four or five times and Petit woke up in a daze and feeling pain. Petit felt something warm running down his face and saw two men, who put something over his head before tying up his hands and feet.

One man said, "We want the money and if you cooperate, everything will be alright," prosecutors said. Petit heard the men walking around the home's first floor, and said they asked him where the safe was located. Petit said he told the men there was no safe. The men then went upstairs, first into the home's master bedroom, where Jennifer and Michaela were sleeping, prosecutors said. The men woke the mother and daughter, and tied each of them to their respective beds. Prosecutors said two people were needed to tie Jennifer and Michaela to their beds at the same time. Prosecutors said the men went into Hayley's room and tied her up.

While the prosecutor spoke on Friday, the jury was shown photos of all the rooms and beds in the home.

Prosecutors said the men began rummaging through drawers, and did not find enough money. They said Hayes and Komisarjevsky then found the family's bank documents and changed the plan to bring Jennifer to the bank in the morning and then place the family in a car and burn down the home to get rid of evidence.

According to prosecutors, at 4:45 a.m., Petit heard birds chirping and the men took him into the basement. At 5:30 a.m., Petit said he remembered hearing the sprinklers come on while he was tied to a pole in the basement.

Petit said at 6:45 a.m., he heard his wife calling his office and saying that he would not be in. Prosecutors said at 7:05 a.m., Hayes arrived at the Citgo station where he filled up the car with $10 worth of gas. They said he did not fill the containers used to spread gas throughout the home before it was torched at that gas station.

Prosecutors said at 7:43 a.m., cell phone records show Hayes was in Southington, which is where they said he possibly filled the containers.

Prosecutors told members of the jury that at some point he heard his wife saying that she needed to change and get her purse. They said at 8:45 a.m., a call was made from the Petits' home to the Cheshire Bank of America, for which Hayes and Jennifer left for at 9 a.m.

Prosecutors said at 9:05 Hayes called and communicated with Komisarjevsky. At 9:09 Jennifer walked up to the bank teller window. While at the bank, Jennifer told the teller and bank manager that her family was being held hostage. The manager then made a 911 call.

Jurors, during Friday's closing arguments, again listened to the call made by the Bank of America manager while being shown photos of the money they said Hayes and Komisarjevsky were caught fleeing the Petit house with.

At 9:11, Hayes called Komisarjevsy and said he was concerned that Jennifer was not coming out of the bank. Komisarjevsky told Hayes to "hang in there."

At 9:21 a.m., prosecutors said Jennifer got in the car. Prosecutors said that Hayes did not wear a mask to the bank, so he then had more to worry about than fingerprints because Jennifer knew what he looked like.

Once back at the house, prosecutors said Komisarjevsky told Hayes that he had sexually assaulted Michaela and instructed him to do the same to Jennifer. Prosecutors said Hayes complied.

Petit said he heard thumping on the floor and moaning. Prosecutors tell the jurors that what Petit heard was Jennifer being strangled. Prosecutors said Hayes began smelling gas and Petit said he heard a commotion, and yelled, "Hey, hey!" Petit said he heard a sinister voice shout, "Don't worry, it will be over soon."

Petit said he got an adrenaline rush and freed his hands. He managed to get out of the basement and roll his way to his neighbor's home.

Prosecutors said upstairs, Komisarjevsky began yelling to Hayes that Petit escaped and Hayes ran to grab the money. Hayes began pouring gas on the stairs, and poured gas on Jennifer's body and up to the stairs. Prosecutors said the continuous pour shows Hayes is the one who poured gasoline all the way up to the bedrooms. Prosecutors said Hayes' claims that he only poured gas on the home's stairs do not make sense.

Prosecutors tell the jury that the fire began near Jennifer's body and was started with a match. At 9:57 a.m., prosecutors said both men fled the house. An officer reported seeing Komisarjevsky come out of the house first, and then go back before both men emerged.

Prosecutors said they believe Hayes lit the fire because he was the last one out of the home. They said the fire was so fast moving, it had to be the last man out who lit it.

The prosecution said the crimes committed were not just against the house, but also the people in it. They said Hayes could have walked away at any time, and that he had multiple opportunities to walk away. They said Hayes was part of an evolving plan that left the house burned down.

When caught, prosecutors said Hayes did not tell the officer who was in the home, he just said that things got out of control.

In its closing arguments, the defense said Hayes admits to tying the Petits up, but said things got out of control because of Komisarjevsky. They said Hayes admits to the sexual assault and death of Jennifer, but said he did not specifically intend to kill Michaela and Hayley.

The defense said Hayes used a BB gun, not a real gun in the attack, and that the plan only changed because of Komisarjevsky, who they said barked out orders and was in control.

Hayes' attorneys said he was not in the house when Michaela was sexually assaulted and that he raped Jennifer, but only at the command of Komisarjevsky, who had a bat that Hayes said he knew Komsiarvesky would use. OH HE RAPED HER AT BAT POINT??

Defense attorneys said Jennifer described the captor who took her to the bank as being nice. The defense said there are 17 charges brought against Hayes and that jurors have an obligation to scrutinize each one.

Jurors are set to begin deliberating on Monday. Komisarjevsky is awaiting trial.


I have mixed feelings about their punishment. They absolutely deserve to die for their crimes but, on the other hand, I like the thought of them rotting away in jail. I've read that there is honor among thieves & if that's true every single day could be a horror for them in general population. To think that they could be fearing for their life every minute of every day is very appealing to me.
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if they sit on death row other inmates won't be able to get to them. but it's a cold long lonely existence. they have to be housed alone and only get out maybe an hour every other day for exercise, alone in a fenced yard. like the junkyard dogs they are.
because we are 'civilized' we cannot mete out the fate they deserve. which would include rape and fire.
at any time they could man up and take responsibility. instead they have forced the state to replay what they did. they wanted to plea it out in exchange for no death penalty. the state wouldn't allow that. rightfully so. let them know the dates of their quiet little deaths for which nobody will mourn. the beasts have mothers, but they will probably be gone by that time. hard to even imagine they have mothers. and one has a daughter. how could he do that to someone else's daughter?
he was trying to send naked photos on his cell phone to his friends of that doomed little girl.
what death is good enough for either of them?

it should be in the jury's hands today. they could be out for days or minutes, no way to predict. they are supposed to review all evidence.
if the verdict, which is pretty much a foregone conclusion, is guilty, then the same jury will sit for penalty phase and decide on life or death penalty.
during the penalty phase, family members of the dead victims will be heard if they decide to speak.

edit later to add, the jury has it, 5 men, 7 women.
Six of the 17 counts hayes faces are capital felonies.

jury is giving verdicts right now. so far guilty on 16 of 17 counts, including capital offenses. he was not found guilty of the arson. total of 4 hours 15 minutes deliberation.
i'm waiting to hear more, and when penalty phase will begin.

will add more when i get it.

edit to add...penalty phase will begin Oct. 18. the jurors get a little break from the horror of this trial.

Shortly after the verdict was read, Dr. William Petit Jr. — the lone survivor of the attack — spoke to reporters on the courthouse steps. Keeping his composure as he patiently answered questions, Petit said he believed Hawke-Petit and the girls were praying for him and his family so they would have the strength to endure.

"We did our best to keep our faith in God that justice would be served," Petit said.

The thanked the state of Connecticut for all of the e-mails, letters and donations to the Petit Family Foundation in memory of his family.

He also thanked the jury. "We hope they will continue to use the same diligence in the penalty phase."

When asked how he felt about the verdict, Petit said "there is some relief … my family is still gone. My home is still gone. It doesn't bring them back, but there is some relief."

Asked how he has the strength to keep going, to attend the penalty phase of the trial, Petit looked out at the media and bystanders forming a semi-circle around him, filling Church Street in front of the courthouse, and said: "Most of you out here are good human beings. You'd probably do the same thing for your family if your family was destroyed by evil."

He said "I thought the evidence was fairly overwhelming."

Petit spoke for roughly 7 minutes, and all the while his father stood beside him, gripping his arm in support.

He would not comment on what he thought the outcome of the penalty phase should be.

The verdict was read aloud, count by count, beginning about 12:40 p.m. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty on only one count: first-degree arson.

Hayes stared straight ahead, emotionless.

Petit looked down. His sister, Hanna Petit Chapman, shook as the verdict was read. Her husband had his hand on her back.

Before dismissing the jurors, Superior Court Judge Jon C. Blue thanked them for their services but added, "as you know, they are not over." Blue said. The same jurors will return for the penalty phase. Blue cautioned them against speaking publicly about the case.

After court was adjourned, the judicial marshals walked over to Hayes and handcuffed him.

After a brief discussion, New Haven Public Defender Thomas J. Ullmann patted Hayes' back and the marshals led him out of the courtroom.

Outside the courthouse, the Rev. Richard Hawke said, "On behalf of our daughter Jennifer Hawke-Petit, and for Hayley Elizabeth Petit and Michaela Rose Petit, we say for them that we are pleased with the verdict and we feel as far as the trial has been going, that justice is being served."

Hayley was 17 years old, and Michaela 11, when they died of smoke inhalation in the attack and arson July 23, 2007. Jennifer Hawke-Petit was sexually and strangled, and her body was burned beyond recognition.

Here are the counts against Hayes, followed by verdicts returned . Each capital felony count is punishable by death, although that would be decided in the penalty phase of the trial.


COUNT 1 Murder (Jennifer Hawke-Petit): Guilty

COUNT 2 Murder (Hayley Petit): Guilty

COUNT 3 Murder (Michaela Petit): Guilty

COUNT 4 Capital Felony (murders of two or more victims): Guilty

COUNT 5 Capital Felony (Michaela Petit's death, murder of child under 16): Guilty

COUNT 6 First-Degree Kidnapping (Dr. Petit): Guilty

COUNT 7 First-Degree Kidnapping (Jennifer Hawke-Petit): Guilty

COUNT 8 First-Degree Kidnapping (Hayley Petit): Guilty

COUNT 9 First-Degree Kidnapping (Michaela Petit): Guilty

COUNT 10 Capital Felony (the murder of Jennifer Hawke-Petit during the course of a kidnapping): Guilty

COUNT 11 Capital Felony (the murder of Hayley Petit in the course of a kidnapping): Guilty

COUNT 12 Capital Felony (the murder of Michaela Petit in the course of a kidnapping): Guilty

COUNT 13 First-degree sexual assault (Jennifer Hawke-Petit): Guilty

COUNT 14 Capital Felony (murder of Jennifer Hawke-Petit during the course of a first-degree sexual assault): Guilty

COUNT 15 Third-degree burglary: Guilty

COUNT 16 First-degree arson: NOT Guilty

COUNT 17 Second-degree assault (Dr. Petit): Guilty

i really think this female wants her 15 minutes and 15 bucks. a ho profiting on the graves of the victims. this taints any future trial testimony she may provide. dumb bimbo.

ROCKY HILL, Conn. -- As Steven Hayes awaits whether or not he faces the death penalty for his involvement in a deadly Cheshire home invasion in 2007, some of the attention is now going toward his alleged partner in the crime.

Joshua Komisarjevsky will go on trial for his part in the crime next year.

But Komisarjevsky's ex-girlfriend said he may have committed the robbery for her.

Shortly before the home invasion that led to the murders of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters, Hayley and Michaela, Caroline Mesel, who used to live in Ellington, moved in with her parents in Arkansas.

Mesel told "Inside Edition" that Komisarjevsky was desperate to bring her back to Connecticut.

Mesel said she was dating Komisarjevsky three years ago. She said Komisarjevsky vowed to get $15,000 to bring her back to Connecticut.

She said Komisarjevsky told her he would even rob a bank.

During her interview with "Inside Edition," Mesel said that Komisarjevsky called her a week after the murders and bragged about beating Dr. William Petit with a bat.

Dr. William Petit was the lone survivor of the home invasion.

Mesel and Komisarjevsky's relationship ended shortly after the crime.

Six months after the murders, Mesel posted a statement on her live journal and said: "Yeah Josh and I are no longer together. Thanks, Satan! I realized I didn't love him and I was in love with the picture of getting married and having a family, when at the same time, I really didn't want one."

Mesel said now she wishes Komisarjevsky could feel what he did to his alleged victims.

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Dr. Petit has now said he will not testify at penalty phase (Oct. 18). he commented that CT law is too murky regarding victim impact statements, and he is concerned his comments could be twisted into grounds for an appeal. that possibly it could be claimed his agony inflamed the jury into recommending death. those are my words, but the essence of what he said.


I saw Dr. Petit the other night. I thought he looked great & sounded strong. I know he's living with his parents & that his dad has been a constant presence by his side through this trial. It really sucks that he has to go through another trial next year. I saw him say that if evil visited our homes that we all would do this too. I can talk some shit but, the reality is, I'm not so sure I could go through something like that & come out of it alright emotionally.
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