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DeBlase and Skelton children missing - murdered by their fathers?
(11-30-2010, 09:06 PM)FF031809 Wrote: just heard they found the boys in a lake!

where did you hear it? i don't like to post rumors.

I agree they said they saw it on the news but I can t find anything on it ... I will keep looking. I heard it from someone close to the border mich. and Ohio
Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
seems the whole family is in denial.

from Detroit Free Press early this morning:

John Skelton's sister said Tuesday that she doesn't believe her brother is getting a fair shake from authorities. RIGHT. ALL HE SAID WAS HE KILLED THE CHILDREN. THEY ARE PICKING ON THE POOR GUY!

Linda Ford, 40, of Jacksonville, Fla., told the Free Press in a phone interview Tuesday night that she has spoken twice with her brother since his failed suicide attempt Friday -- including Tuesday before his arrest on parental kidnapping charges.

Ford said investigators who have interviewed her brother have told him they believe the woman he says he gave his children to -- a Joann Taylor -- is not real.

"They're trying to tell my brother that he is Joann. That he made up an alter ego," she said.

Ford said she believes her brother attempted suicide Friday because he was in a deep depression.

She said her brother was fired from his job with an Ohio trucking company about two weeks ago. She said she believes he had been taking time off work to see his sons when their mother would allow it.

She also said he was fired from another trucking company more than a year earlier for drunken driving.


Ford said her brother tried to hang himself from a banister leading down into the basement of his Morenci home, but changed his mind. When he tried to get down, he lost his footing and fell to the concrete floor, broke his ankle and lost consciousness, she said. TOO FUCKING BAD.

Ford said her brother has maintained consistently that the children are with Joann Taylor. She said he has described Taylor as a tall woman with black hair who has children and a heavyset husband. NO, THEY ARE WITH ZANNY THE NANNY.

"His story has never changed," Ford said, adding that she "will stand by my brother."

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VideoPhotoJohn Skelton
Regular Photo SizeMore Related StoriesJohn Skelton, Father of Missing…

There is disheartening news in the search for three boys from …

John Skelton, Father of Missing Morenci Boys, Arrested, Will Soon Be Charged
Updated: Wednesday, 01 Dec 2010, 6:35 AM EST
Published : Tuesday, 30 Nov 2010, 3:14 PM EST


MORENCI, Mich. - There is disheartening news in the search for three boys from Morenci. After speaking to the children's father, investigators say there likely will not be a positive outcome to the case . That father is out of a mental clinic and now in jail.

It all started with a suspicious suicide note where John Skelton claimed his boys were fine and they were, in fact, with a woman that he met on the internet. Police now know that is not true and the woman is a fake. Now, they believe his suicide attempt may be a fake, as well, and that suspect Skelton knows exactly what happened to his three young sons.

Skelton was released from a mental health facility Tuesday and is currently being lodged in the Lucas County Jail in Toledo, Ohio. He was arrested and will soon be charged with three counts of parental kidnapping in connection with the disappearance of his sons Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton.

However, before he lawyered up, the father of three missing boys was talking. According to a source, Skelton told investigators he is responsible for the death of his three sons. The Morenci police chief alluded to that during a press conference.

"Statements that he's made to investigators would indicate that it's not going to be a positive outcome," said Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks.

Sources told FOX 2's Taryn Asher when police first searched Skelton's Morenci home they found what could be small nooses and cut cargo straps. They also found the three boys' winter coats.

Skelton allegedly admitted to police he killed his three boys, but what he did with his kids is where the story keeps changing. At one point, he susposedly told investigators he wrapped his sons' bodies in sheets, gave them each a teddy bear and hid their bodies in an old schoolhouse in Kunkle, Ohio.

"They had a whole lot of police vehicles out here, had all the roads blocked off, and just searching all around here. A lot of helicopters," said Sam Firm.

Police searched the building, which is now being renovated for apartments, but found nothing.

Firm lives across the street. He has not seen Skelton himself, but said he remembers his blue van.

"I've seen the van in this area before," he said.

Police want to know where that van has been since Skelton keeps changing his story. He also allegedly told police he killed his sons and put them in a restaurant dumpster. Several in the area were searched, including one at the Spokes Restaurant in Pioneer, Ohio.

"They had called previously and said that they were going to check through the dumpsters, and he (came) in and he said it would only be a few minutes. So, that's the last I (saw) of him," said Stephanie Brodock.

Investigators tracked the empty dumpsters to the Williams Landfill in Bryan, Ohio, which again they searched with the help of a police canine, but no bodies.

We are told Skelton has led authorities on a wild goose chase with tips that led them to a family cabin in Cobb Lake, abandoned houses, parks, campgrounds and overpasses throughout Northwest Ohio.

However, no one is giving up until there is some closure.

"Anybody with a heart wants to bring these three precious boys home, and if it happens to be 100-percent the other way, we still have to bring them home," said Bill Foster.

We are told investigators did search Skelton's home again Tuesday to try to verify some of the things he said or poke holes in his story. It is not clear what was found or not found.

Skelton could face more charges if more evidence is found. A search is expected to resume on Wednesday in a specific area.

When you're on the go, get the latest news from myfoxatlanta
Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
He is one sick Bastard!!Insane
Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
MORENCI, Mich. – A father charged with kidnapping his three missing boys is fighting extradition from Ohio back to Michigan, his lawyer told a judge on Wednesday.

John Skelton, a 39-year-old unemployed long-haul truck driver, sat throughout the court hearing in Toledo, Ohio, in a wheelchair covered by a green blanket and answered the judge's yes-or-no questions in a whisper. His attorney said his client would fight his return to Michigan to face the charges against him.

An army of volunteers are expected to trudge again on Wednesday across harvested fields, woodlands and dirt back roads in search of 9-year-old Andrew, 7-year-old Alexander and 5-year-old Tanner Skelton, who have not been seen since Thanksgiving.

Skelton was arrested Tuesday on three counts of parental kidnapping, and so far, police say, the boys' father hasn't told authorities much that they can use as the search for the boys evolves from rescue to recovery. After Skelton waived extradition, the judge in Ohio set bond at $3 million and scheduled another hearing for Dec. 14.

"He's been forthcoming with some information, the credibility of which we can't verify," Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks said Tuesday.

Weeks acknowledged police don't expect a "positive outcome" to the case after talking to Skelton over the course of the investigation.

Crews have searched parts of southern Michigan in and around Morenci, a small town of 2,000 people about 75 miles southwest of Detroit. They've also scoured hundreds of acres just south of Morenci in northwest Ohio for the boys.


Associated Press writers Jeff Karoub in Morenci and John Seewer in Toledo, Ohio, contributed to this report.

Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
he is only postponing the inevitable by fighting extradition. hell, he should beg to get out of Ohio, they'll execute his sorry ass.
he, and we, still don't know when or in what state he will be charged with murder.
the boys must be found.

and i hope to hell his lawyer isn't playing let's make a cruel deal, the bodies for no death penalty. but he probably is.

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I bet you are right ... BASTARD!!!! ROT IN HELL NO matter what!!!
Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
this is his lawyer, court-appointed. i only see him as licensed to practice in Ohio.

Merle Dech Jr

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Thank you Lady cop for all your information for us !!!!
Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
here is the fucker in court, thanks to FF for the link to pics~
padded outfit is suicide watch dress.

video of court appearance, click here:

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christ, they are at a complete loss where to search. and the weather is cold and miserable. unless the children are found, they are out there decomposing and may only be found by accident.
how could this scumsucking pile of crap leave those little boys out there somewhere? HIS little boys! i hope his mother and sister are starting to face reality and get the picture! he's dirt. a cockroach.

The Associated Press

MORENCI, Mich. — Michigan authorities say they expect the search for three young brothers missing since Thanksgiving to continue into next week.

Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks said that authorities will ask volunteers who have been searching for the three boys in wilderness areas along the Michigan-Ohio border to take a break starting Friday evening. He says authorities want to take the weekend to decide how to proceed with the search next week.

how could you sleep at night ? and more so how could Weeks sleep if he stops the search. I wish now I was back in Michigan to help with this search. they might tell me to stop but I wouldnt!! I couldn't!!!!!
Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
here are the two local news stations sites They are not much but thought I would share with you.
Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
An anonymous donor has offered a $10,000 reward for the return and/or recovery of the three missing Skelton boys, according to Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks.

"The reward is nullified if the claimant is in any way involved in the disappearance of the children. The donor has acknowledged the dedication and hard work of the volunteers and public safety personnel and offers thoughts and prayers to the Skelton family," according to an e-mail announcing the reward.

No further information was provided about the donor or the reward itself.

Detroit Free Press


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lets hope this works for the recovery of the children
Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
now they are faced with snow and blowing and very cold weather. Last I seen it was 20 degrees with a WC of 13 and snowing Signs_173
Anyone who would harm a child should die a slow painful death.
When I was a kid oh maybe 12 yrs old one of the other kids that lived down the street fell in the river, they did not find his body for 4 months he was found after the dam opened up in the spring. If it gets cold and the snow sets in they may be lost for a long time, if they are indeed dead.
You couldn't get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.