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Breeann Rodriguez,3, murdered. Mo
Oh tell me about it. I checked our current neighborhood before we decided on it and we have one here. Just one. Some places are thick with them. It's difficult not to freak about it, but it keeps me very attentive where my little one and her friends are concerned.
(08-07-2011, 06:22 PM)Gimme Shelter Wrote: I went back to the news website and looked at the photos they shared.

IF that is Breann's house where the people are standing in and near the drive & garage - then I found the house on the google street view.

How I figured it out is by the other photo showing the white fence. I found the house with the white fence and angled across the street is a house that perfectly matches - the home where the people are standing.
The house is 4 houses in from the main road " Caneer" and is on the left hand side.

Breann's house has a very narrow, could be compressed dirt, old concrete, mixed gravel drive way. No garage, a single wide carport.

The house that is directly across the street has a very wide *compared to her's, paved drive way. I found it online. It is up For Sale, it's address is 107 Ode Johnson Street. There is 10 photos for the house available to view - The house is EMPTY. No one living there. It has been on the market for 180+ days on Trulia. It is listed on Zillow as well.

The other thing that is strange on the street view is the house to the right of hers. They have a short bus, parked on the side of the house. A short bus for ??? Kindergarten children? disabled children? It's a regulation yellow school bus. Hmmm ...

Creepy stalker.
(03-15-2013, 07:12 PM)aussiefriend Wrote: You see Duchess, I have set up a thread to discuss something and this troll is behaving just like Riotgear did.
(08-07-2011, 09:28 PM)Cracker Wrote: Creepy stalker.

What's creepy? It's the same way I stalk you...:O

i fully expect that the empty house has been searched. and any wells or septic tanks.
no news monday morning so far.

i haven't been able to find an email for the local police or Sheriff, so i just wrote to 3 online news outlets with some questions. we'll see if anyone replies.

news station KAIT wrote back to me, said there is a 3:30 central presser. but nobody is streaming it. :(
i'll look for updates.

command center

[Image: 15227946_BG7.jpg]

MO is ET right?
(08-08-2011, 03:03 PM)Fibonacci Prima Wrote: MO is ET right?

central. it will be 4:30 eastern.
about time you showed up.

Smiley_emoticons_razz Smiley_emoticons_biggrin


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I was out looking for my will to live. A cold caught me overnight and my head is going to esplode. Smiley_emoticons_wink

Found a few more creeps on the registry. One skeeved me enough to send it on to the local LE just in case. I'm sure they already checked up, but it can't hurt. I have a very bad feeling this is going to end tragically. There's too much missing. And I wonder if there is something drug related (drug task force involved? how normal is that...?). I don't think the perp is someone unknown to family....
Daily Dunklin Democrat

SENATH, Mo. -- Senath Police Chief Omar Karnes said the search for missing 3-year-old Breeann Rodriguez will be a daily priority until the child is found.

"It will be a daily thing until we find her or find out what happened," Karnes said. "It turns this community upside down.

Earlier this afternoon, Karnes was asked for an update on the case, to which he replied, "We've had a few new leads. There is nothing changed, still no evidence. Nothing other than a missing child."

Karnes was also asked why an Amber Alert has not been issued.

"It doesn't meet the criteria for an Amber Alert yet, " Karnes said. "There are no signs of foul play or an abduction. It is just a missing child [case] right now."

Karnes said authorities are out in full force looking for the little girl.

"We are searching again, all of the areas," Karnes said. "We have done a house-to-house all over Senath. We've looked in everybody's backyard, we've looked in sheds, under vehicles...ditchbanks, field rows, cotton fields, and we are going back over them again today.

We've had arial searches [with] helicopters, fixed wing planes...We'll have a helicopter back up this afternoon. Several agents from the FBI task force are out."

The police chief reiterated that the person of interest who was questioned on Saturday night was a dead end, and has been released.

"We had a person of interest," Karnes said. "He has been released. The investigation is continuing. We are looking at all leads. Right now, we have no suspects. We've heard a lot of rumors and got a lot of tips, but nothing has panned out just yet.

"We do have some evidence that has been sent to the crime lab under a rush order. I don't know how it is going to come out.

"A phone call that the child is alive would be a relief."

what the bloody hell?? a facebook post says the public was turned away from the presser!! i have never heard of that! media only allowed. this thing wasn't even streamed. i still don't know what was said. that is bizarre if true!

newspaper guy tells me there is 45 K in rewards.

i want to know if the family has been polygraphed. it's routine.

Has mom been in the picture at all? Or just dad? I'm only seeing his comments published...

and that's positively bizarre, but could it be small town privacy mentality?
If only local LE were involved I'd suspect someone covering for someone 'important'...or related to someone important. I don't know...this is weird. really weird.
maybe they're illegals Fibo? i don't know. nancy grace is now covering, she'll fuck it up for sure.

Edgar Rodriguez, left, and Claudia Ramos, right, parents of 3-year-old Breeann Rodriguez, who went missing on Saturday, ask for the safe return of their daughter during a press conference at Senath City Hall on Monday.

[Image: 1520928-L.jpg]

SENATH, Mo. -- A total of $45,000 has been offered in rewards in the case of Breeann Rodriguez, 3, who went missing on Saturday near her Senath home.

At a press conference earlier this afternoon, Rodriguez' parents, Claudia Ramos and Edgar Rodriguez; Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder; Senath Police Chief Omar Karnes; and Special Agent In Charge, Dennis Baker, of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of St. Louis, Mo., gave updates on the current situation in the case.

After turning the public away,WHY??? Baker said the FBI has issued a $25,000 reward for the "successful return and prosecution of person or persons responsible for the disappearance, if someone did take her."

"My department has a $20,000 guaranteed reward for the safe return and conviction of whoever took Breeann," Karnes said. "We want the child home safely."

"The FBI, along with the other agencies here, as well as a half dozen other agencies, are offering assistance to the Senath Police with resources 24-hours a day," Baker said. "We have been searching by air, with dogs, on water and land. The community has turned out with resources, along with Breeann witnesses. We thank the people in this community for their help, especially with hot it has been."

Baker said the departments are still needing people to call in with information, and calls can be kept anonymous.

"Our goal is to find Breeann, and that is our focus," Baker said.

Baker said anyone with information can call the command post at (314) 791-1205.

The parents of the young child, in an emotional statement, plead for the safe return of their daughter.

"We just want everybody that can to help me and find my daughter," Ramos said. "I really want to hold her and tell her that she is my princess. Please, if somebody has her, bring her back to me."

"My daughter never hurt anybody," Rodriguez said. "All I want is my daughter. I don't care if you drop her off somewhere where somebody can get ahold of here. I don't have anything against anybody. I realize that people make mistakes and I don't care where you drop her off at, just make sure somebody can get ahold of her and bring her home."

The authorities were asked about any evidence of an abduction, to which Karnes responded, "At this time, there is no new evidence."

I hate to profile from a picture, but I don't get anything but abject grief and sincerity from this picture. His posture is one of heavy sadness weighing on him, and hers is soul shattering. Not at all the look you got from the McCanns 3 days after their daughter 'went missing'. Illegals or not, they don't deserve this....and whatever happened, that little girl certainly didn't deserve this.

I'm stumped. I really have no idea here. This could actually be a random snatch...which means she's long gone.

That's so sad.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
At the risk of sounding totally crazy....
The two missing photo's almost look like different little girls.... look at the nose, jaw line and eyes....

I'm sure there not, but am I the only one who noticed??

I know, I know, but just sayin....
nancy grace report an hour ago. surprisingly she didn't screw it up.

Well, I agree with Marc Klass, you just do not let a three and five year old play out front of your house without an adult present. Ever. No matter where you live. That is just the way it is. It sucks, but it is just the world we live in now. My grandson is the same age.
Hell, I don't even let him hang out in the fenced and gated backyard without my checking on him if I stop hearing him doing whatever he is doing. Complacency is the evil doer of parenthood, these days.
[Image: 284334_2305796811126_1435443521_32652136_1245900_n.jpg]

[Image: 283159_2305797371140_1435443521_32652137_2353443_n.jpg]

see my point about crap "reporting"?

this is ABC, not the east dipshit journal!

trust me, i wrote to them.

"Missouri Girl, 3, Vanishes Leaving Behind Pink Bike With Training ...

ABC News - Laura Riparbelli - 1 hour ago"

the bike was taken with the child, and that is important information.
assholes can't get anything right.