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ARREST MADE: Abigail Hernandez, 15, Missing/Returned Safe - New Hampshire
Thanks for that info, Maggot.

Here's a more detailed article:

Initially, Kibby faced 183 charges, but in a plea deal with the state, he pleaded guilty in court to just seven of those charges.

Just four days before the victim’s 14th birthday in October 2014, Kibby kidnapped her, threatening to kill her as he held a gun to her head.

“As they drove, he tased the victim repeatedly,” Associate Attorney General Jane Young said in court. Once at Kibby’s home in Gorham, he undressed her and zip-tied her hands and feet.

“After sexually assaulting the victim, he placed a red ball gag in her mouth, placed a shirt over her head, placed a motorcycle on her and left her in the Conex box,” Young said. “The victim would have further testified that for the first few weeks, she was restrained on the defendant’s bed. At that time, she wore a dog collar – an anti-bark collar, a shock collar that, if she would yell, would give her shocks.”

For 9 12 months, the victim was sexually assaulted and was given alcohol and marijuana. On July 20, 2014, Kibby released her, telling her to lie to police. Eight days later, Kibby was arrested without incident at his home in Gorham.

The victim said in court she was thankful that Kibby released her. “Some people might call you a monster, but I have always looked at you as human, and I want you to know that even though life became a lot harder after that, I still forgive you,” she said.

Kibby will spend 45-90 years in state prison – a sentence the judge said Thursday was lenient for the crimes against the victim and her family.
Abigail Hernandez Speaks Out

[Image: Abigail-Hernandez.jpg][Image: abigail-hernandez-EXCLUSIVE-BUG-1-abc-jt...x3_992.jpg]
Then and now

On Friday, ABC's 2020 will air an interview with Abigail, now 19.

Abigail was held captive in a storage container in New Hampshire by a violent predator who abducted her on her way home for school when she was 15.

She was abducted by Nathaniel Kibby, 39, as she walked home from school in Conway, New Hampshire, in October 2013. Abigail says Kibby had offered her a ride home and she accepted because her feet were blistered from the boots she was wearing.

For nine months, he held her captive in a shipping container stashed on his rural property. Kibby forced her to wear a shock collar which struck her if she screamed and he raped her repeatedly.

She revealed that Kibby, who is now likely to spend the rest of his life in prison, would not tell her his name and instead instructed her to all him 'master'.   However, Abby says she knew his name because she saw it inside one of his cookbooks. 

After her release, it took Abby a week before she revealed to her family and law enforcement agencies who he was because she was so afraid of him.

In 2014, after his arrest, she bravely confronted him in court and thanked him for letting her go.

'I want you to know that I appreciate my freedom because of you and I enjoy my life because of you. I just want to thank you for giving me my freedom back,' she said.

Kibby was sentenced to a minimum of 45 years behind bars and was charged with a litany of crimes including kidnapping and rape. He said he decided to let Abigail go because he'd 'terrorized her enough'.

For a long time I felt she played a role in her own disappearance.
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