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Fatal High School Assault

[Image: amy-joyner.jpg]
^16-year-old Amy Joyner-Francis died last month. RIP.

Amy and another teen girl at Howard High School of Technology in Delaware reportedly had an on-going dispute over a boy.

On April 21st, Amy went to the bathroom, where the other girl was waiting. Amy and the girl got into a physical fight.

Two other girls were present and cell phone video was taken of the fight. Amy's head hit the sink and she was knocked unconscious. She was airlifted to the hospital and soon died.

[Image: amy-joyner-fight.jpg]
^ Screenshot from cell video shows Amy (orange shirt) being assaulted.

The girl with whom Amy was fighting, pictured above in the green shirt, has been charged with criminally negligent homicide and the two other students were charged with third-degree criminal conspiracy for allegedly helping to plan the encounter in the bathroom.

Amy's family is asking the court to charge the primary assailant as an adult.

The Medical Examiner concluded that Joyner-Francis died from a "cardiac incident" related to a pre-existing heart condition. She had an atrial septal defect, which is a hole in the heart, the autopsy found. Officials said the fight triggered the "cardiac incident."

Amy's family disputes the cause of death and claims that other cardiologists agree with them; the family is asking for a second autopsy. The family believes that the fight caused Amy's death and that the autopsy results led to lesser charges than they believe are warranted.

Sad. It doesn't appear that anyone believes the death was intentional, but Amy's dead none-the-less and three teen girls are in deep shit legally and have to live with the consequences of their actions.
They are so self centered at that age, there is no room for any empathy and in 4 yrs they will forget most of the details. The kids that is. They are dangerous.
You couldn't get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.

[Image: 920x920.jpg]
HOUSTON - ^ Phillip Battles, 18, Ferrell Dardar, 17, and Marco Miller, 17, were escorted into court by nearly a dozen sheriff's deputies.

All three teens are charged with capital murder and being held without bond.

Diana Gomez had just gotten home with her two little girls and was in the parking lot of her apartment complex on Nov. 14. Police say the three men tried to rob Gomez, then shot her, her 10-year-old daughter and little Ava. Ava was the only who didn't survive.

"The shot to the 4-year-old was in the head," said Angela Weltin, prosecutor for the case. "A gun shooting at the head of a child is indicative of intent."

Police believe Dardar pulled the trigger. He had been out on bond for aggravated robbery. (HOTD: pisses me off; there ought to be high bond for violent charges.)

Prosecutors say Miller was the lookout guy and Battles was the one who drove the group to the apartment complex.

Prosecutors say these men are linked to several other dangerous robberies. They say both Battles and Dardar admitted to being part of this robbery, but neither of them has confessed to shooting Ava.

Last week, Battles was in court for a separate capital murder that happened November 7th (HOTD: pisses me off again; there ought to be high bond for violent charges.). He's charged with shooting and killing Ignacio Ortega, 62, one week before trying to rob Ava's family.

[Image: ava-castillo-2.png?w=370&h=204&crop=1]
RIP Ava Castillo ^ and Ignacio Ortega (no pic available).


[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]

[Image: kenneth%20andrew%20white%20blue_15084310...40_360.jpg]
Last Wednesday, husband and father Kenneth Andrew White - 32 ^, of Mount Morris Township, was in a van heading south on I-75 when the windshield was struck by a large rock in Vienna Township.

The rock went through the windshield and hit White, who was in the passenger seat. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Authorities said four other cars were struck with large rocks and were waiting for police to arrive when the van was hit. No other injuries were reported.

Officials said it's been an intense homicide investigation. They have been asking for information from anyone who has heard anything about the incident.

On Friday, sources said that officials got a tip from social media and authorities confirmed several teens were in custody and being questioned.

All five teens have now been charged with second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit second-degree murder and six felony counts of malicious destruction of property.

[Image: kICQB8CU4Bmb.jpg]
^ The teens -- Kyle Anger, 17; Mark Sekelsky, 16; Mikadyn Payne, 16; Trevor Gray, 15; and Alexander Miller, 15 -- are all from Clio, Michigan. They were charged as adults. If convicted, the max sentence is life in prison. Idiots.