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(11-14-2018, 01:22 AM)Love Child Wrote: I just started bawling.
That is so terrifying.

I had the same reaction and I did the same damn thing while listening to the nurse tell her story. I have no problem picturing all of this in my head and it's so awful.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
It was cool to see so many people (including some of the country's top chefs) volunteering and cooking Thanskgiving meals for the victims of the Camp Fire and the firefighters yesterday.

The recent rain has helped firefighters get the fire 95% contained. Now, we're hoping the rain isn't followed by flash floods and mudslides.

The Camp Fire, north of Sacramento, burned for 15 days. It is the most destructive in California's history. 84 people are confirmed dead, over 13,000 homes were burned down, and 239 square miles of land were blackened (that's twice the size of Detroit). 560 people remain on the 'missing list'.

With the fire threat receding, teams in hard-hit populated areas focused on the search for additional victims, particularly in Paradise, a retirement community with a population of 27,000.

Paradise (which Trump called "Pleasure" twice during a press conference earlier this week - derp) suffered the bulk of the deaths when the swift-moving fire, which broke out Nov. 8, swept through the town with little advance warning.