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The death toll following deadly Hurricane Michael in the US has risen to 18, as rescuers uncovered another body in the rubble of the Florida town of Mexico Beach. The town had been almost obliterated by the storm. 

Rescue teams, hampered by power and telephone outages, have used cadaver dogs, drones and heavy equipment to search for hundreds of people unaccounted for in devastated communities across the Florida Panhandle.  

The death toll is expected to rise as rescuers go house-to-house and comb through the rubble in Mexico Beach and other Florida coastal communities, such as Port St. Joe and Panama City.
I'm seeing people asking where FEMA is. I hope it's the case that FEMA just haven't reached where they are and not that FEMA isn't even there.
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Funny, not funny. When white people go into the destroyed businesses they are "salvaging supplies", when black people do it, they are looting.
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trump told fema not to bother.
(10-14-2018, 05:40 AM)Duchess Wrote: I'm seeing people asking where FEMA is. I hope it's the case that FEMA just haven't reached where they are and not that FEMA isn't even there.

(10-14-2018, 10:38 AM)BigMark Wrote: trump told fema not to bother.

What is happening with those thousands of people who have had their lives turned upside down from Michael ?

Can't begin to comprehend what they are going through! No homes, no jobs, no cars, no schools, no money, or credit cards, no food, no water, no real hope!

Don't see much about the Texas flood victims from several week ago, as well as flooding again the last few days. 

Porto Rico is
still recovering from Maria.

The weather can certainly screw up so many people's lives and worlds time and time again!
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I live ouside Charlotte NC and am an insurance agent in NC but thankfully the only damage my customers had was secondary high value homes so none of my customers are desperate. We sure didn't need the rain we still have our homes and our jobs. God Bless those that don't.

Next week when we go to Florida on vacation, we are hoping to drive through PCB but we are staying in Destin. I would love to help the economy in PCB but we are not even sure if the hotel is still standing or if the restaurants are still open. So many people are one paycheck away from homelessness and I am so sad for those in this position.

Nobody cares.
It's good to hear that you and your customers weren't too badly impacted Tammy.

I think a lot of people care (though a lot don't give a shit, that's for sure).

But, aside from donating to disaster relief, there's not much that can be done unfortunately.

One thing I'll never do is vote for a President or state representative who doesn't believe in or understand the signifigance of climate change, nor one who isn't willing to prioritize infrastructure budgeting (for which it's actually easy to get bi-partisan approval, but nonetheless rarely gets done on the national level).

I won't vote for local representatives who don't have a firm plan and high priority on disaster recovery either.