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FROM THE GAS STATION CLERK (dad's the owner)...

Ali Alsanai, who runs the gas station where surveillance video shows Jessica Chambers in her last hours, may have been one of the last people to talk to her.

[Image: 41188240001_3945208634001_video-still-fo...638001.jpg]

Now Alsanai says he is receiving death threats because some believe he is involved in Chambers' killing.

"So now people threatening me to kill me...It got to this point.???... N I was the 1 tryna help!!!" he wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday.

Alsanai said nothing was out of the ordinary when he saw her. "See that's why everybody's shocked, because she was normal that day," he said. "She just pumped the gas like she always do, she left, and two hours later we just heard what happened, you know, and we were shocked, because you would have never thought that would happen to her, and the way that it happened to her, because she didn't deserve that. Nobody deserves that."

Police have said they do not have a suspect or person of interest that they can talk about at this point. Alsanai was working on the night Chambers died.

According to Courtland residents, Chambers was in the store almost every day. That's how Alsanai knew her.

"I knew her very well. If something was going on, she would have told me. She would have told me 'I'm having a problem with somebody,'" he said. "But she was smiling, and she left, and that's the last time I saw her."

Alsanai told WMC-5 that a stranger told him, "Somebody is going to have to pay for what they did to that girl." Another person wrote, "I hope somebody burns you and your store down," in a Facebook post.

Ali Alsanai, who has since received death threats from people he doesn't even know, talks to the Clarion-Ledger about Jessica Chambers' last visit to his store.

Accusations are also coming from a blog. Alsanai says a lot of the information on the blog and social media are lies, including accusations that he is a gang leader. He told WMC it has affected business.

"Saying I'm a leader in a gang Black Squad, that I'm selling drugs at the store," commented Alsanai. "They're ruining our business. Ever since they started talking, we've been slow."

Officials wouldn't comment on specific witnesses, but Sheriff Dennis Darby said the accusations online are getting out of hand. "They're accusing everybody. Here we are with the general public trying to take something off Facebook and solve the investigation," he said.

Ali Alsanai, went to the Panola County Sheriff’s office Monday to try to get an order of protection.

Online, people have accused Alsanai of editing the store surveillance video. Alsanai told WREG the time stamp on the video is off due to Daylight Saving Time. Alsanai has also been accused of gang ties due to posts he has made on social media showing large sums of cash.

“They came to the store, they asked for the surveillance video. I showed them the surveillance video. The next day, they came and asked for the camera, so I gave them the camera system. What else can I do?” he said.

There is no indication as of now that Alsanai is involved in the death of Jessica Chambers.

Monday, the Panola County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the FBI is now involved in the investigation of the death of Jessica Chambers. (HOTD: glad to hear it.)

Chambers was found burning and died in Panola County December 6th. Investigators say Chambers was burned over 98% of her body. Autopsy results have been finalized but not released to the public.

Multiple agencies, including the ATF, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Mississippi Crime Lab and U.S. Attorney, are involved in the investigation and several people have been questioned.


In separate statements, Sheriff Darby and MBI officials confirm that they're quite aware of Anonymous' and bloggers' activity and accusations and pretty much ignoring them -- LE is looking at all angles, monitoring social media, securing necessary warrants and interviews, and waiting for crime lab reports, irregardless of amateur internet investigations.

Jessica's mother and sister have also requested that people quit posting rumor and baseless accusations on Jessica's Facebook page and reiterated that they support the Panola County Sheriff's Office.
Ali just has one of those douchey faces.
(12-16-2014, 01:38 AM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: I'm curious, Cheyne.

What makes you think the DOJ-CRS has anything to do with Alsanai defending himself in the media against unsubstantiated allegations that he's a gang member or gang leader?

What do you think would be the DOJ's motive?

I'm not saying you're wrong; I have no way of knowing if there's a link. I'm just interested in hearing your rationale for connecting the DOJ's reported interest in this case to Alsanai's latest media statements.

Sorry about the lateness of this reply, I have been busy at work and want to give your question the attention it deserves.

If the CRS wing of the DOJ is telling the MSM what they can print/report about this case, why would the first interview be with Ali Alsanai? Ali is not named a POI or suspect in this case, he was not the last known person to speak with Jessica, nor is he LE or with the prosecutors office. However, Ali is a muslim living and working in Panola county MS.

His Facebook posts have pegged him as an illegal gun owner (you have to be 21 to carry a handgun in MS), someone with a lot of cash, someone who flashes gang signs and has some questionable contacts. MSM did not show any of the Facebook photos that led to Ali being seen as suspicious, just let Ali ramble on about no gangs etc... A regular person who doesn't pay attention to online news would think that Ali is being unfairly targeted due to being from the Middle East, since they would not have seen his Facebook photos or posts. That is how news can be manipulated by Gov't and MSM. They are not showing the entire picture, only what they want [you] to see.
(12-17-2014, 08:14 PM)Cheyne Wrote: If the CRS wing of the DOJ is telling the MSM what they can print/report about this case, why would the first interview be with Ali Alsanai?

Thanks, Cheyne. I appreciate the response.

I'm still curious as to why you presume that the DOJ is telling media outlets what they can and cannot print/report in this case.

What is the basis for that presumption? Or, has that been stated by the DOJ or any media outlets?
PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — District Attorney John Champion said Wednesday a man who said he saw Jessica Chambers alive hours before she was found burning has been cleared as a suspect in the case.

Ali Alsanai said he was working at a convenience store December 6 when Chambers came in and made a purchase.

Alsanai said he turned over surveillance video to investigators but the time stamp is wrong due to Daylight Saving Time.

Since he started speaking about the case, Alsanai said he has received death threats and there have been numerous allegations made online.

Some people claimed that Alsanai doctored the footage or accused him of knowing too much about the crime shortly after it happened.

Champion said Alsanai’s whereabouts are accounted for during the time investigators believe Chambers was attacked and set on fire.

Champion said Alsanai was at the store the entire evening of December 6.

“He had nothing to do with this,” Champion said.

Champion has not publicly named any suspects during the course of this investigation.

Alsanai told WREG that he knew the truth would come out.

He said the threats have harmed his business.

Also Wednesday, the reward for information in the case was raised to $16,000 after the Mississippi Fire Marshall added $5,000.

Follow @CAlexander_WREG for updates on this case.
Jessica Chambers' father said Wednesday he wants whoever killed his daughter in solitary confinement when he or she is found and convicted.

Ben Chambers also made a vow."

"I promise as long as I have breath in me, I can talk to people and make sure they're not comfortable in there," Ben Chambers said.

Jessica Chambers, 19, was found on Herron Road in Courtland a little after 8 p.m. Dec. 6, walking away from her burning vehicle with burns over 98 percent of her body. Coroner Gracie Gulledge said the cause of the young woman's death was thermal injury. Officials immediately classified it as a homicide.

Ben Chambers, who works for the Panola County Sheriff's Department but is not a law enforcement officer, said the family has received support from all over the world.

"Everybody's supportive," he said. "And there are people calling us from other towns saying even their lowest dope dealer and troublemaker is trying to find out who did it. Everybody's angry about this."

"I heard that if they find out who it is, that they definitely will do something about it," he said, but he didn't know the name of the group.

The support is helping, but Jessica Chambers' family is still in utter shock.

"We don't really even know how to go about healing," Ben Chambers said. "Everyone I look at, I'm wondering, 'Do you have anything to do with it?'"

The autopsy is complete, but officials are tight-lipped on what it adds to the case.

"We know what happened to her," said District Attorney John Champion. "We're not going to comment on that."

The final results of the autopsy might not be available for about six weeks, Champion said, but officials have what they need to know what happened to the teen before her death earlier this month.

Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby has said that officials feel each day like they have a new lead to follow. Media reports have discussed various people who allegedly have been cleared, but investigators won't comment on specific witnesses and suspects.

"We're still just out there talking to people and going through everything," said Champion. "We've got a wealth of information, and we're checking on every lead."

Chambers told the first name of her attacker to Courtland Fire Chief Cole Haley before she was flown by medical helicopter the Memphis hospital where she died. A Memphis television station has reported that a man interviewed by police said he was told Chambers had said the name Eric or Derrick.

"Not at all," said Champion when asked if he could comment on the names.

"I didn't even know she had any enemies. To the person that done this: They're coming for you. They're working day and night, day and night, away from their own families," Ben Chambers said.

"People I work with that usually take time off at this time of year to be with their family or go deer hunting, now they're not doing that because they have to find this evil person. This hasn't just messed up my life. It's messed up everyone's life."

He also had a message for the people who have sent messages of support.

"I just want to thank people for what they've done and their prayers and the passion they've got for me and my family," he said.

Ben Chambers said he's also falling back on his faith in God. He said it's hard, day-to-day, but it gets him through to believe there's a bigger picture.

"It's hard to believe this is for a reason," he said. "But I know something good has to come out of this. I know the Lord has some plan for something. It's the whole community, the whole world coming together. I believe something good has to end up coming from this."
(12-11-2014, 01:05 PM)Duchess Wrote:

I know this is out there but I think this sounds like something females would do.

I don't think it is out there. Shanda Sharer was burned alive by four teenage girls in 1992.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WTHR) - In January 1992, 12-year-old Shanda Sharer was lured from her home in Jeffersonville, tortured throughout the night and burned alive. It was a crime of passion and peer pressure committed by four teenage girls.
Thanks for posting the updates, d505.

I agree that a woman or women could have been involved or directly responsible for Jessica's death. Right now, all possibilities are on the table for me.

D.A. Champion gave an update today. Essentially, local and state authorities are working with the ATF and the FBI in looking for new leads and there are no suspects at this point, according to Champion.

Also today, this winner was arrested for trying to scam money outta people under the pretext that she was collecting donations for Jessica Chambers' family.

[Image: janet-posey.jpg?w=400&h=225&crop=1]
^ Janet Posey, low-life con-woman


Tom Dees FOX13 Memphis
49 minutes ago near Olive Branch, MS · Edited
Questions for Ali Alsanai....

So I figured since so many people on here wanted to hear from Ali Alsanai his side of the story I went down to M&M's First Stop and asked some of the questions that many of you asked me to ask. I asked about the alleged "edited" video. The missing 54 seconds or 59 seconds or missing 90 secoNds depending on who you talk to. Ali says there is no such thing and that both angles and the video of the pumps have been turned over to the authorities as well as the machine the video was in or recorded on. He says that some of the footage edited by TV crews made it appear as if some footage was missing when it in fact was not.
There are two camera angles on the store that I was able to view on the store from where the cameras are positioned.

Ali Alsanai says the Sheriff's Department knew about the tape the night it happened and says they came and looked at it that night for the first time.

I also asked about the photo that was taken of Jessica's car out front of his store after it was burned and he tells me the tow truck driver stopped on the way from the scene and he walked out in front out of curiosity and took the picture out of curiosity.

I also asked him how he knew details of her death (some of which are disputed) and he said he was told that by two first responders who came in his store later. His store is 1.8 miles from the crime scene. 3 hours elapsed between her death and his first post "if I am correct." Correct me if I am wrong.

I asked him if he was a terrorist like the Social Media website said he was and he answered me by saying "I've never even been to Iraq".

I asked him who owns the store. He said his Dad did.

I asked him if he was in a gang, as some Social Media sites had reported He said "no" I asked him if he had ever heard of the Black Squad gang that some sites he was in and he said no.

I asked him what was in the little white bags that were coming out of the front of his store that social media stories have alleged were dope .... He said Chicken. I personally witnessed chicken being sold in the store.

I know for a fact he was interviewed by the FBI for 3 hours and cleared.

I asked about the death threats he says he's gotten. He played some of them back on his phone for me and showed me some he had saved from screen shots. The FBI is handling those.

If you have any other questions you'd like asked I will ask him. Never really have been afraid to ask questions. Thanks for asking me to ask.

Sheriff Darby gives case update

Not very enlightening, but here it is:

[Image: show_image.php?id=104]

While investigators are still mum on the specifics of the probe into the death of Jessica Chambers, they say they're making slow and steady progress.

Coroner Gracie Gulledge said the cause of the young woman's death was thermal injury. Officials immediately classified it as a homicide.

With several agencies including the Panola County Sheriff's Department, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, the ATF, the State Fire Marshal's office, and the US Marshals Service involved, Sheriff Dennis Darby said a lot of the investigation operates on looking at the same information, witnesses, evidence and statements from many different angles.

"We've got all these agencies combined together, and we're coordinating everything and getting everyone to look over our work and we're looking over theirs," Darby said on Tuesday. "Some of these people don't give you good information sometimes, and we compare the stories and when we find discrepancies, and those people are the ones we need to recall."

Darby said authorities are narrowing the list down to some "possible people of interest that could lead us somewhere better than where we are."

"There's still crime lab and DNA stuff that we're working on and waiting on," he said, adding that there is still analysis into some aspects of the fire.

Not all of the agencies involved in the case still have heavy presences on the ground, however, as many of them need access to their equipment.

Meanwhile, the reward remains at $17,800 for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the person who killed Jessica Chambers. Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-729-2169.
Still No Prime Suspect, According to Law Enforcement / Reward For Information Increased

It's been 5 weeks since Jessica Chambers was burned to death.

Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been investigating. So far, no arrest has been made, and authorities say they haven't developed a prime suspect despite more than 100 interviews.

So, the FBI has kicked in a reward of $25,000, on top of the $18,000 already being offered, bringing the total reward for information to $43,000.

Jessica Chambers made a statement to first responders in which she allegedly gave them the name of her attacker, but even leads connected to that statement have not yet panned out.

Law enforcement has commented that talk on the street has been uncharacteristically silent, which has hindered what could have been a more routine investigation. Given the national notoriety and heinous nature of the crime, that has proven frustrating for officials and the public alike.

Much public speculation has linked the crime to alleged gangs in the area, but Jessica's father Ben Chambers said someone claiming to be a high-ranking gang member in the area had contacted him to tell him that the gangs in the area were angry and upset about what happened to Jessica as well.

"They're very upset about it. They said you wouldn't even do a dog like that," Ben Chambers said.

I listened to an interesting audio by Bryan Rudd Jessicas ex boyfriend. In the Audio he seemed really willing to talk expressing that no one has talked to him or interviewed him. He states that Jessica chambers told him her father committed two homicides. He also says her father would take her car away from her and her cell phone if she associated with black people. When Bryan first learned of Jessica's death his first instinct name that came to mind was her dad; however, he later dismissed the idea. He also said that the abusive relationship was with another guy after he had moved to Iowa. He also said that when he was with Jessica the only drugs they did was smoke weed. However his mom told him that Jessica appeared to be doing other drugs after he moved. Another thing he stated was that Jessica revealed to him that when she was a little girl she used to play with bottles or something in her fathers meth lab. The audio is interesting. My take on it is that perhaps her murder was drug related? But at the same time I feel that it could have been anyone. Bryan Rudd pretty much ended the interview saying that he really had no idea who it could have been.
I have a few theories on motives
I. Jealousy
2. Drugs
3. Revenge
4. Hate
For jealousy I am thinking ex lover or jealous woman/en. For drugs I am thinking crazy meth head killing her because she owed money? For revenge I am thinking again crazy meth head who seeks revenge against her or her father. For hate I am thinking of Isis/isil believers torched her simply out of hate and following the Isis beliefs. I remember during around the time of Jessica's death Isis released a statement encouraging all Muslims to kill America s by any means. Given the recent fire burning of the Syrian piolet I think this could be a possibility plus the amount of authorities involved in this case from local to the fbi.
(02-13-2015, 12:04 AM)d505 Wrote: For jealousy I am thinking ex lover or jealous woman/en.

When I first read about this case I thought it sounded like something a woman/women would do. My feeling hasn't really changed, probably because there is so little movement in regards to solving it.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
This is a frustrating case.

LE released a statement that Jessica may have been at the site of the fire as early as 7:30 pm. The passing motorist called 911 at 8:15 p.m.

Police have traced most of her whereabouts leading up to the fire, but still can't account for the hour before she was found laying burned next to her burning car.

Early reports stated that her phone was found at the site with the battery removed and she'd spoken to her mom right after leaving the gas station, so we know she had a functional cell phone with her. Maybe cell pings aren't helping investigators pinpoint where she went because the cell towers cover a very wide service range? If that's the case and there are also no surveillance cams on the rural roads she was traveling, this case probably isn't gonna go anywhere until somebody talks.

Here the latest:
I think cops know where she went the hour before but not realising the info to the public. During one of the news interviews Jessica's neighbor, known as auntie shaw shaw, stated that she went to a party before and then said something along the lines "they left...she left that's the last time I saw her." In a phone interview Jessica's mom knew nothing of Jessica going to a party. Jessica's mom wants to talk to the neighbor auntie shaw shaw but the neighbor has not spoken to her since the funeral. Jessica's mom also said that the neighbor acted weird at the vigil or funeral.
It's definitely possible that LE knows more than they're letting on and asking for tips for that time frame in hopes that someone can confirm their suspicions.

This is the latest timeline information put forth publicly by LE:

The district attorney says investigators have determined Chambers was mostly at home up until about 5 p.m. the day of the murder. He said she left home at around 5 p.m. and headed to a gas station in Courtland after she received a phone call from a friend.

The teen was captured on surveillance video at a gas station filling up her car.

Champion says the teen then went to a home in Courtland shortly before 6 p.m. and left around 6 p.m.

Authorities were able to determine Chambers was then in the area of Highway 6's first set of stoplights, coming into Batesville, a town about 5 miles away, and was there 10 to 15 minutes. The D.A. said he cannot elaborate further about where she was specifically.

Chambers was back in Courtland around 6:30 p.m., he said.

What happened during the next hour or so is unclear. A passing motorist found the teen on the side of the road lying near her burning Kia Rio sedan just before 8:15 p.m. that night.

Champion said Tuesday that investigators believe Chambers was at the murder scene as early as 7:31 p.m.

I hope someone with information comes forward soon.
After reading this long thread, just is so sad that this murder is no where near being solved. From the Store Clerk posting pictures of her burnt car, to the ex boyfriend in Iowa. My thoughts:
How was the sheriff aware there was video of her within 3 hours of the crime?
Why did the first responder's go to this ALI within 3 hours of the crime and tell him what happened?
Did Jessica's father live with the mother? What was her relationship like with her father?

So many questions, this poor girl seemed very well liked in a gang related community. Which is not always a good thing, because jealousy is an evil thing. I have to agree this seems more like a personal crime, a crime most likely done by a women or orchestrated by a women.

The very sad part about this case is it seems the crime was not handled properly. It was not processed by the FBI, it was processed by local authorities that I am sure were walking all over evidence. Breaks my heart that this girl lost her life, and seems this community can't come up with ONE SUSPECT within a city that has a little over 400 people. Seriously?