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Sadly this little kid may never be found
Parents named as suspects

[Image: 9718cbe27444fe31a2dd2eeb98b19d8d.jpg]

A central Idaho sheriff announced Monday that the parents ^ of a 2-year-old boy who went missing in July are suspects in the disappearance.

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman ^ says Jessica Mitchell and DeOrr Kunz Sr. have been "less than truthful."

"They are the top persons of interest," Bowerman told CBS affiliate KBOI. "Does that mean they're suspects? Yeah I think so."

The boy, DeOrr Kunz Jr., was last seen on July 10 at his family's campsite at Timber Creek Campground, just south of the town of Leadore near the Montana border. His parents called 911 to report him missing. Despite numerous searches, no trace of Kunz has been found.

Bowerman says that he believes the parents know the location of DeOrr Kunz Jr. and whether he's dead or alive. "They know something, I just don't know what they know," he told the station. "It causes me alarm. I believe they know where he is absolutely."

Bowerman says the couple has not been arrested and no warrants have been issued. He says an arrest isn't imminent because the situation could change if DeOrr Kunz Jr. is found.


Sheriff Bowerman has been very measured in his approach and communications.

I think the parents have probably failed polygraphs or the FBI turned up inconsistencies or previously unknown incriminating information against them.

The Sheriff is not saying the parents killed little Deorr, but he is very clearly saying that they know more than they've let on about Deorr's location.

If the sheriff is right, I hope the parents come clean very soon. I don't think the baby is still alive, but sure hope he is.
There may be another family member involved.
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Could be, Maggot. But, it sounds to me like the parents are the ones in LE's crosshairs.

I've been scouring around for more info. Here's an article with more details.

“Their timeline keeps changing, where they were at keeps changing, and movements and statements about DeOrr Jr. keep changing,” Bowerman tells

Bowerman says portions of polygraph tests administered to Kunz and Mitchell have come back inconclusive – including questions about knowing what happened to DeOrr, why the child disappeared and where the toddler is located.

“Their statements don’t match, and it’s frustrating because we have absolutely no idea where DeOrr is,” Bowerman says. “There have been so many inconsistencies that it’s hard to tell the truth from everything they’ve said.”

Bowerman says polygraphs administered to Reinwand and Walton have been inconclusive, but those results were expected because of both men’s mental states.

Bowerman and Lemhi County Chief Deputy Steve Penner were in Idaho Falls all weekend working with Bonneville County Sheriff detectives and FBI agents.

Bowerman says Kunz and Mitchell were interviewed along with Walton and Reinwand. Walton and Reinwand have not been cleared, but investigators are focusing on Kunz and Mitchell, Bowerman said.

“We’re asking anyone with information about Kunz or Mitchell that could help in this case to come forward,” Bowerman said. “We want this case solved, and we need the public’s help.”

“I don’t think that arrests are imminent, but we’re leaving all options open,” Bowerman says. “We don’t want charge them too early should we find DeOrr and things change.”

Bowerman is “100 percent” positive the child was not abducted and he credits the FBI and the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office for playing a major role in helping the investigation. He says investigators are working very hard to resolve this case.

“I have a responsibility to the public to be open about this case,” he says.
Wow. Interesting. I can't say that they weren't my first thought for suspects though. I wonder if the boy was ever even at the campsite
What's happening now?

The first P.I. hired by a family member quit last September. Vilt said he left the case voluntarily because he felt Vernal (Big DeOrr) and Jessica were not being upfront with him. In January 2016, he released a letter addressed to the parents dated Sept. 25 in which he accused Vernal Kunz and Mitchell of lying to him and not paying for his travel expenses related to the investigations.

In early March, the attorney representing the parents of missing Idaho Falls boy DeOrr Kunz Jr. announced they had fired Klein Investigations and Consulting, the PI agency hired after Vilt quit. In a written statement, the attorney also announced the child’s family is pursuing a lawsuit against the private investigation firm for breach of contract and defamation.

The firing came shortly after the Klein agency gave a press update confirming that the parents were considered POIs/suspects. But the Texas-based company’s CEO, Philip Klein, said his detectives won’t be leaving the case any time soon.

He told the Journal that he has been hired by an anonymous client to continue his investigation into what happened to little DeOrr, who was reported missing from his family’s campsite in Lemhi County on July 10, 2015.

Sheriff Bowerman's last public statements indicate that he considers the parents suspects due to the FBI polygraphs and inconsistent statements made by Big DeOrr (Vernal) and Jessica. The Sheriff thinks the boy's parents know where his body is located.

The hope is that new searches after the snow melts, possibly with the help of Tim Miller's Equusearch, will result in little DeOrr's remains being located and identified.
Apparently the family is really going for publicity's the cover story on a People magazine I just saw
(07-01-2016, 05:27 AM)an0n Wrote: it's the cover story on a People magazine I just saw

[Image: peoplecover-696x392.jpg]
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Little DeOrr has been missing for a year, as of today.

A few nights ago, Sheriff Bowerman was interviewed on Dr. Drew.

The Sheriff says that none of the witnesses are credible and that he's leaning more and more towards homicide; he doesn't believe the baby was ever at the campsite. He explains why in the clip below.

The parents are and have to continue to live with whatever they have done. If it was nothing then they have no worries, if it was a bad thing, then karma (and the sheriff ) will eventually get them!
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I think of Sky Metalwala who went missing in Bellevue WA, his mom said her car ran out of gas and she walked down the road with the other child while he was supposedly sleeping in the back seat, but he may have not even been in the car-and is probably with a relative somewhere.
These stories are so fucking disturbing to me.
What ever came of this conclusion I wonder....

New Evidence has been found. Strange I read about 3 stories on it the other day but now could only find one.

New evidence in the case of a missing Idaho toddler has been found.

Philip Klein, of Klein Investigations in Texas, says investigators were sent out to search Timber Creek Reservoir and two homes in Idaho Falls while they continue to look into the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz Jr. They also brought in a cadaver dog, named Chance, to help with the search.

Klein says they searched the former home of the parents of the toddler and the grandmother’s home. They found nothing at Trina Clegg’s home, but did find something at the other place.

“We then went over to Ada Drive, that’s the former residence of Jessica Mitchell and DeOrr Kunz Sr. We went into the residence with the help of a landlord, we did a full search of the interior of the house and articles that were left after their eviction,” Klein said, “I can say to the public that we did find evidence that will further this case along.”

Klein would not go into detail of what the evidence was.

Mitchell and Kunz Sr. have already been named as possible suspects in the disappearance by the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff said Mitchell and Kunz Sr had been less than truthful during interviews during the investigation.

Kunz Jr. went missing on July 10th, 2015.
(07-23-2016, 11:49 PM)Love Child Wrote: “I can say to the public that we did find evidence that will further this case along.”

Well that's interesting. There are a great deal of people who think the parents are behind that little boy's disappearance. I'm one of them.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Honestly, unless they come up with the child's body, or a confession, I don't think this case will ever be solved. It's been way too long.
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You may be right, but I hope you're wrong, Kid.

Even short a body or confession, I think this one can be solved and it's only been a year.

New evidence, guilty slip up, co-conspirator turns on the other...many ways cold cases heat up and get solved, even decades later.
I was thinking about what Kid posted; how this will probably never be solved. I hope this isn't one of those cases, but I know it could be.

In searching around for updates -- here's what's new:

- Little DeOrr's parents split up. Jessica Mitchell married some guy she met 6 weeks earlier and big DeOrr moved out of state.

- The P.I. (Klein) who was hired by the family and later fired when he said the parents were being less than truthful claims that Jessica Mitchell is erratic and reminds him of Casey Anthony.

- Sheriff Bowerman is retiring at the end of this year. Too bad, I like him.

This is a good overview of the all the key players in the case and the status of each:

This case always makes me think of Kyron Horman. I've never forgotten that little boy.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Did wolves eat this poor child?
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