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(07-25-2015, 11:45 PM)Maggot Wrote: Us Columbos wonder about these things.

Columbo and the Murder She Wrote chick should have gotten together. Just sayin.
(08-01-2015, 09:03 AM)aussiefriend Wrote:
(07-27-2015, 10:09 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: It might be kinda funny if you stole his material and channeled the Spirit Of Ninja (SON) through sally. But, it could get a little weird when you start flirting with aussie or angrily responding to your own posts and threatening to put a beat down on your fat Euro-trash husband -- not as weird as butchering your whole family or anything, but weird nonetheless.

That guy hates me now anyway, if he gets channelled it could get ugly.

What did you do to him? hah
remember the "it aint pretty?" remark? I think he was pissed with me about it. Never spoke to me again. I didn't mean any harm by it, but that'll learn me.

Whatta low blow. He got mocked in Mock.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]

I read a report that said the murders may have been recorded. There were cameras in the home -

The affidavit, filed Thursday, says the cameras were near three of the victims and appeared connected to one or more of the computers taken from the home. The document didn’t say whether the cameras were activated, but did say “live footage recordings from surveillance cameras” could be found on a thumb drive taken from the home. The affidavit also listed audio recordings and photographs among other possible items that could be found on the thumb drive.

The document states that several electronic devices were removed from the home by police and taken to the Broken Arrow Police Department and many have since been turned over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for analysis, but the OSBI's findings haven't yet been released.

[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
If true, it should save the prosecution a lot of time and money.
Preliminary Hearing / Case Status

The preliminary hearing for two brothers accused of killing their parents and three siblings and attacking another sibling was supposed to take place on January 22nd, but it's been pushed back to February 23rd.

I'm anxious to hear about the possible recordings of the family killings and thumb drive contents, rumored to contain a plot to kill others outside of the family.

[Image: arrow30n-1-web.jpg]
^ 18-year-old Robert Bever's attorney was reportedly looking late last year to have him evaluated for mental competency to stand trial.
[Image: Bever_Michael.jpg]
The court denied ^ Michael Bever's motion to be tried as a juvenile back in October. His attorneys are appealing the decision to try him as an adult. He's 16.

First Degree Murder Charges in Adult Court Secured

Two Oklahoma brothers charged with fatally stabbing their parents and three of their younger siblings in a middle-of-the-night rampage can stand trial on first-degree murder charges. Yesterday, Special Judge Martha Rupp Carter said there's enough evidence for 19-year-old Robert Bever and 17-year-old Michael Bever to be tried.

The Bevers both have pleaded not guilty in the July killings of their parents, David Bever, 52, and April Bever, 44, and their siblings Daniel Bever, 12, Christopher Bever, 7, and Victoria Bever, 5. Two siblings survived.

Detectives who testified during a hearing Tuesday said the brothers detailed to officers a gruesome plot to carry out further mass killings. Detective Eric Bentz of the Broken Arrow Police Department said Robert Bever expressed a desire for notoriety for being a serial killer. Bentz said the teen told of a plan to kill their family, cut up the bodies, and store them in bins in the attic before taking the family vehicle as well as guns and ammunition to randomly attack other locations and kill 10 people at each place.

"They wanted to kill at least 50 people, they wanted to be famous. They wanted a Wikipedia page. They wanted media coverage," said Detective Rhianna Russell, who had interviewed Michael Bever. She said he indicated that they wanted to outdo known killers, and had mentioned the Columbine school and Aurora movie theater killings in Colorado in particular.

Full story:
One down...

Robert Bever pleaded guilty last week to slaughtering members of his family.

His attorney stated that there was overwhelming evidence against his client and the plea deal was the best way to ensure he didn't receive a death sentence. Robert Bever is serving a life sentence.

His younger brother, Michael Bever, will go to trial next year. His attorneys plan to use an insanity defense.

The prosecutors noted that one of the reasons they offered Robert Bever a plea deal was to spare the younger Bever children of having to testify and relive their horrific orderal.

Case Closed

I still find this one of the most haunting cases we've covered.

[Image: 4EF7161600000578-6043247-image-m-39_1533837957235.jpg]
[Image: 4EFA546F00000578-0-image-m-15_1533868777440.jpg]

The teen Bever boys' motive for killing their parents, their younger brother, and their 5-year-old sister was reportedly hatred of their family and a desire to shoot 50+ people after the family slaughter in order to gain notoriety.  

Michael Bever (top), then 15, drew pictures in jail.  The pictures coldly depict the dead family members, the motive, and his hero worship of James Holmes, Jim Jones, and the Columbine killers.

Thankfully, they didn't harm their 2-year-old sister (now 5), and their then 13-year-old sister who they attempted to murder lived to tell.  She was an important witness for prosecutors.

She told authorities that  Michael helped his older brother Robert butcher their family by pretending to be under attack by Robert too.  When they tried to help Michael, Robert was there waiting to strike again.

Robert Bever pleaded guilty to 5 counts of first degree murder back in 2016.  In exchange for the plea, the death penalty was taken off the table.  He is serving life without the possibility of parole.

Michael Bever's attorney tried to have him tried as a juvenile and attempted to have him deemed mentally incompetent.  Both of those efforts failed.  He was just convicted of the 5 murders and was sentenced to 5 consecutive life sentences.  That means he won't be eligible for parole for 215 years.

I still wonder how/why these kids became such fucked-up monsters, unless they were just born that way.  We'll probably never know.  Ah well, at least they're no longer a threat to society.  

Story and more pics:
Jesus. Look at him. He's straight out of every scary movie I've ever seen.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]