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It sounds like what is being said is that aid was given and no inspection into Biden happened-therefore Trump is innocent? Am I hearing that right?

But if he did say those things-"US will defer aid until investigation happens" isn't that guilty? Even if the events didn't happen?

Also-when they say, "The gentleman has expired" I wish death in a long black robe would actually appear and take them away. That would make this hearing so much better.
(11-13-2019, 03:33 PM)MirahM Wrote: It sounds like what is being said is that aid was given and no inspection into Biden happened-therefore Trump is innocent? Am I hearing that right?

That's been one of their talking points for awhile. An attempt to extort, whether successful or not, is still a crime.  78
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^ agreed.
Just started watching.

Go Joaquin Castro!
Yes your honor, I did try to kill my wife but she escaped before I could shoot her. Therefore I'm innocent!
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But Rooti, everyone does it! Everyone tries to kill their wife, so therefore I am not guilty. (Oh don't forget that lesbians are also more violent, so...having that knowledge, if I got into a relationship with a woman I am just asking for it!)
Also, because I am a retard.
So because of those above mentioned things-the person with the gun is innocent. (Or frying pan-I don't know how that person tried to kill its wife, but they are innocent).
Rep Jim Jordan is whiny.
Coup is the only way...

2020 US Presidential Election odds

Tue 1110 101 Donald Trump wins Presidential Election +1 (even money- bet $100 get 100+ original $100)

Tue 1110 103 E.Warren wins Presidential Election +3 (bet $100 get 300 + original 100)

Tue 1110 105 Joe Biden wins Presidential Election +6

Tue 1110 107 B.Sanders wins Presidential Election +7

Tue 1110 109 P.Buttigieg wins Presidential Election +12

Tue 1110 111 H.Clinton wins Presidential Election +20

Tue 1110 113 Andrew Yang wins Presidential Election +17

Tue 1110 115 Mike Pence wins Presidential Election +50
I wouldn't be surprised if trump won again. I don't see much being done to secure our elections and Bitch McConnell kills everything that comes his way.
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I'm praying for a miracle and hoping either Sanders or Clinton is our next president.
One of my favorite moments during the hearing yesterday was president nitwit engaging in witness tampering at nearly the same moment his pal Roger was being convicted of...wait for it...witness tampering. Go, trump, go.
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How's this "Impeachment" going? I feel bad for Pelosi because she knew this would happen and because of political pressure went with it. She just has to be trying to figure out how to back this up a bit without looking bad.
You couldn't get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.
(11-07-2019, 05:15 PM)sally Wrote: All those corrupt politicians are screwed if he gets in again, which he will and they know it. So of course they are going to keep at it.

This video is another must watch by every American; it is two hours long, but the investment of time is well worth it. Pop a huge bowl of popcorn and invite every person you know to watch with you.

It is an in depth analysis of the history and activities of the “deep state”, and explains why the Dems are pushing these false claims.

The swamp and the media have been colluding to drive a narrative to divide this nation; it is imperative we unite and become informed. Being informed is the duty entrusted to you by the founders.

Let me make this clear; this video is about the collusion between the swamp and the NGO’s they are funding; if you get on the political soap box and start pointing fingers at anyone, they win. Do not make this political, nor personal. Keep watching until you see the big picture.

Unite, force the media to cover both sides equally and fairly.

After you watch, you will know why the Soros funded machine is trying desperately to take our weapons and discredit Constitution of the United States, It is time to wake up and realize the “deep" state exists and they want to remake the world in their image. Fabian Socialists, in one form or another have been around since the Age of Enlightenment. Truly, this concept is what the founders of this country were escaping by coming to the new world.

Our founders were brilliant men, and they knew this day would come. They gave us the solution as big as the problem. We are never going to root out the “shadow” government from inside the beltway; it must be done by the state legislators. Article V: Convention of States is the solution. It is safe and secure way to restrain the elites, and we don’t need their permission.

Shadow Government is a fact
I watched the witness testimony videos today.  As expected, it's a highly partisan proceeding with plenty of grandstanding, especially by Republican Reps.  The media outlets are, for the most part, also in their predictable partisan camps.

Putting that bullshit aside, to me, the witnesses (Taylor, Kent, Yavanovitch) came across a very credible professionals who had legitimate non-partisan reasons to be concerned about what was going on in relation to the U.S.'s dealings with Ukraine.  

The witnesses clearly shared the whistle-blower's concern that crucial officially-approved aid was being withheld from our Ukrainian ally because Trump wanted a political political/personally-beneficial favor from the new Ukranian President first, and that nutty Rudy Giuliani was the non-appointed and non-elected conduit on behalf of the President.

Pelosi knows what she's doing, in my opinion.  She doesn't expect the Republican-majority senate to vote for impeachment under any circumstances.  But, she is making sure the public (most importantly Democrat and Independent voters) sees the Democrats carrying out their oversight responsibilities by investigating a legitimate concern about a possible violation of the Constitution by President Trump and putting the evidence on the table.  

So far, it looks to me like the impeachment inquiry is going as planned for the Democrats.
Next week's witness testimonies should be interesting.  Eight more key officials are scheduled to testify publicly. 

On Tuesday:
--Jennifer Williams, an aide to Vice President Pence 
--Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman
--U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker
--Former National Security Council official Tim Morrison 
(Republicans requested that Volker and Morrison testify)

On Wednesday:
--Gordon Sondland, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union
--Laura Cooper, a Defense Department official
--David Hale, the undersecretary of state for political affairs 

On Thursday:
Fiona Hill, a former NSC official close to former national security adviser John Bolton

Oh for god's sake, Glenn Beck!? hahaha
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Mr Nunes is annoying.
He's not the only one. I'd like to nail Gym Jordan right square in the balls. Whatta bunch of drama hags and that goes for that lying cow Elise Stefanik too. Fuckin' lyin' fuckin' bitch. Republicans wrote the rules, republicans agreed to the rules and then republicans lied about the rules. Cunts.
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Yeah. I am still watching the 2nd day. Almost done! Yavonovitch was very compossed. It sucks what happened to her, but maybe it is for the best. It doesn't make sense why Trump would do a smear campaign, just remove the person, you don't have to put them down.
I want to know the name of the counsel member that was asking her questions when she said something about people putting things on social media. His reaction was great. But his line of questioning was annoying.
Steve Castor is the name of the counselor who sarcastically said, during his questioning of Yovanovitch, that he was surprised that people posting on social media would say negative things or call names (something to that effect).


Castor (left) is the Republican's congressional lawyer for the impeachment hearings.  Dan Goldman (right) is the Democrat's congressional lawyer for the hearings.

Here's a summary of their backgrounds: