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(Yesterday, 08:36 PM)Rootilda Wrote:
(Yesterday, 11:21 AM)MirahM Wrote: She was responding to what I said about your post. Also she saw a portion of your post that I quoted.

Exactly right. I got pissy with Duchess for quoting him and exposing his stupidity. Thank you for not quoting him anymore, Duchess. I appreciate you.

Yes, on a forum it is best not to quote or reference anyone else.

Get a diary you silly old hag.

(Yesterday, 09:12 PM)Maggot Wrote: I believe racism in the US has not increased since the 60's but I do believe the media want's people to believe it. I just do not see it. I see people not being responsible for their own actions and others trying to blame racism on their own mistakes but racism in itself has not "increased" The media sure likes to stoke the fire though and idiots following the talking heads like children eating candy.

They do. They demand tolerance of themselves whilst deplatforming, censoring, blocking and banning those with differing opinions.

Brownshirt authoritarianism with newscaster suit and smile.

Hell look at Rootilda. She has gone on and on that she has blocked me and now is trying to encourage others not to quote me.

(10-09-2018, 02:13 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: you believe men have the right and entitlement to molest and sexually assault minors and women.  

If HoTD doesn't agree with you politically you better humour her snowflake mentality or she will smear you for no good reason, like every other indoctrinated SJW. Liar and Slimeball. 
(Yesterday, 08:36 PM)Rootilda Wrote: Thank you for not quoting him anymore, Duchess.  I appreciate you.

[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Today the state Department is holding a special informational call but the State Department press core were not invited, they were told it was for "faith based media" only. What kind of fuckery is that?
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]