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I don't think the collection includes a hermaphrodite charm.

But, it does seem to be an inclusive non-discriminatory collection representing various ages, colors, and forms.

I think the one in the middle is a full outie (clitorially speaking). The one on the left is a partial outie. And the other three are innies.
I think it might be from the hermaphrodite collection after having a closer look.
We posted at the same time. Well since they don't carry hermaphrodites I'm going with my original guess, a sebaceous cyst.
Well, it could be a very small and smooth penis, I guess. Or, a rather large and smooth cyst.

Either way, I'm glad you like it and hope you get years of wear out of it.

I forgot to mention they're not only beautiful charms, but also lucky charms. If you rub them often while you're wearing them, all your dreams will come true.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Klitt Torres had one just like that, the bitch stole me peachee folder.