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(04-20-2019, 10:37 AM)pyropappy Wrote:
(04-20-2019, 10:11 AM)Fry Guy Wrote:
(04-20-2019, 09:44 AM)Duchess Wrote:
(04-20-2019, 09:36 AM)pyropappy Wrote: you should stop smoking that wacky tobacco, you are getting truly delusional. this story is just getting started and Trump is going to drive this one.

Pappy, here's the thing for me that I can't get past, some of you have what you believe are legitimate complaints about the Democratic party. I completely understand favoring one party over another, what I don't ever understand is the support & defense of someone/s who has done so much worse than the person/party y'all denigrate. How am I suppose to take your arguments seriously in the face of that? Serious question, how?

You have the amazing audacity to call me delusional when most of what I post about are established, proven facts. Bitch, please. I'm not the one viewing all this through rose colored glasses and plain ol' ignorance.

Except they are not at all established facts are they? I mean every reply pretty much to your "claims" I shoot hols big enough for a semitrailer to roll through. Established fact is not opinion or even something that anonymous sources said.

Stop being so ignorant and using Democrat talking point uncritically. You look silly when you do. When you are countered you do not have answers other than "You are wrong" or "that's a conspiracy theory" or some laughing emoticon. Why do you not know how to counter? I will tell you why, you have not thought any of these talking points through. You have gobbled it up and regurgitate it and when questioned you have no fallback. You have not thought it through. You have not considered alternative points of view. You have not considered whether it could be lies, misrepresentation, bias, generalisation, miscommunication or someone just being uncharitable. So when you are questioned you have no fallback.

you can lead a horse to water... eh mate.

Just between you me and the rest of the forum, I think HoTD is a lost cause. Her Progressive ideology is only transcended by her condescension and smug righteousness and faux moral grandstanding. Rootilda I think is a little stupid and batty. Duchess I do not think actually believes any of this shit really. I don't think Duchess is stupid. I think the reason she spews this is because it is anti-Trump. She gets the talking points and parrots them. She does not think on them but she is comforted by them and it is like poking her tongue out at Trump. Not a critical reasoning exercise or a want to be honest or discover a truth or to be logical.

I don't think she serves herself well and I think it is a little bit silly claiming things that are so blatantly stupid. I think she deserves better from herself. Positions she can defend. Premises she has thought through. Hell, I do not think she has to love Trump or praise him fro on high but there is not thought process. Her "opinion" is not hers and no different than what the talking heads on every Progressive media outlet have spewed. It is disappointing.
(10-09-2018, 02:13 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: you believe men have the right and entitlement to molest and sexually assault minors and women.  

If HoTD doesn't agree with you politically you better humour her snowflake mentality or she will smear you for no good reason, like every other indoctrinated SJW. Liar and Slimeball. 
Oh good Lord, Pappy.
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