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An Unpopular Opinion: I Believe in Bigfoot. Do you?
Ok take a minute before roasting me.

I think about this topic a lot. I like to consider all the details and try to answer every skeptical question. I feel like I'm a 95% believer. I've never seen one, but I've seen and heard enough evidence to come to a somewhat confident verdict.

Couple big reasons:

1) Land mass versus the small amount of Bigfoot

If there are a few thousand of these things (breeding populations), they would be spread across some pretty vast areas. When you also factor in how they intentionally want to remain hidden (high intelligence), sightings are naturally going to be really rare.

This Canadian map shows just how EMPTY the entire country really is. Imagine 5,000 or so of these things across the entire country. They'd be extremely few and far between.

2) Compelling Stories

There's just so many stories from people who have a lot to lose by coming forward. Is every single one fake? Some of these are freaky as hell and honestly make me want to not go hiking in somewhat-remote areas for a long time. Apparently, people are also getting abducted around National Parks.

The sightings happen all over the country as well, not just Washington or Northern California. A lot of them are in the south. These are some of the scariest: )

There have been hundreds over the years. People have cried talking about how they thought the things were going to kill them.

What do ya'll think?
Mysterious Deaths Of College Students Blamed On ‘Russian Yeti’

[Image: giphy.gif]