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Laid to Rest

In an emotional statement read aloud at Shan’ann’s funeral yesterday, Frankie Rzucek remembered his big sister as being an ambitious, loving woman who couldn’t wait to become a mom.

[Image: colorado-family-funeral.jpg]

From a young age, I always knew my sister was going to be successful — and nothing would stand in her way,” Rzucek’s statement read.  “She was born to be a mother. Boy, was she ready! Closets were full even before she knew she was pregnant. She couldn’t wait. She was my mom, times ten — whether either one of them wanted to admit it. She had ambition in her eyes and wanted a great life for her children and herself.”

Rzucek went on to say that his sister excelled at motherhood. “They were always well-dressed and well mannered,” he wrote. “She taught them to be brave and independent, just like Shan’ann. She was very successful and independent, before any man came along — and that’s just the way she wanted it.”

Rzucek went on to say that he wishes the family had been closer so he could have protected them.  He did not mention Christopher Watts whom he'd previously told the media was a "heartless psychopath who stole his whole world".

I feel so sorry for Shanann's family and can only imagine the level of anger and sadness they must feel.

[Image: chris-watts-colorado-murders-pregnant-wi...C400&ssl=1]

Piece of shit Christopher Watts pleaded guilty to killing his wife Shanann and his two little girls today.  

In exchange, and after getting the input of Shanann's family, prosecutors took the death penalty off the table.

Watts pleaded guilty to five counts of first-degree murder, one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy and three counts of tampering with a deceased human body. His voice wavered as he answered “guilty” to each charge.

Investigators say that they uncovered evidence proving Watts was having an affair with a co-worker.

Watts will be officially sentenced on November 19th.  He will get life in prison, plus some years.  Good.

Monsters should have to look like monsters. I know I'm repeating myself.   Smiley_emoticons_slash
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
(11-06-2018, 07:48 PM)Duchess Wrote: Monsters should have to look like monsters. I know I'm repeating myself.   Smiley_emoticons_slash

Christopher Watts really is a monster.  I'm so glad he'll never walk free again.

More details surrounding the murder of his pregnant wife and two little girls were just released.

Watts took his daughters to their friend's birthday party the day of the murders, just hours before his wife Shanann returned from her business trip.

During the party, he texted a co-worker that he would be driving out to the oil fields where they worked and where the bodies of his family were later found.

[Image: 6530648-6419177-Watts_alleged_mistress_N...817865.jpg]

He was also texting his mistress, ^ Nichol Kessinger.   Prosecutors say Watts wanted to start a new life with Kessinger.

Kessigner believes that the murders were motivated by financial troubles.

Chris Watts murdered his two little girls and his pregnant wife and threw his daughters' bodies into barrels of petrol. He'll spend the rest of his sorry life in prison, as it should be.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Now, Watts is being wooed and comforted by dozens of women (and some men) who are sending him their pictures and letters of adoration, along with putting money in his commissary account.

I'll never understand the mindset of people who seek out romantic relationships with complete pieces of shit like Watts, Scott Peterson, Jodi Arias and other cold-blooded murderers.  Desperate shallow freaks.
Need to green light him.
Christopher Watts has reportedly found Jesus in prison and offered a full revised confession.

He admitted that he lied originally when he said he killed his pregnant wife Shannan out of revenge after she killed their daughters (which no one in their right mind believed in the first place).

What really happened according to his latest account is that he had sex with his wife after she returned from a business trip and then the subject of him cheating came up.  He strangled his pregnant wife.

He then loaded her dead body and his two little girls into the car and drove to his work place.  

When they arrived, he killed his 3-year-old daughter in front of his 4-year-old daughter and then killed the older girl who'd begged for her life.

Watts was transferred from a Colorado prison to a prison in Wisconsin for his own safety.  Even most hardened criminals have no room for baby killers.   Inmates in CO had been constantly screaming at him to kill himself and advising him on how to do it.  

Now, he's on suicide watch again.  He says he regrets his actions because he could be be living with two sweet little daughters, a new baby boy, and a beautiful wife.  Instead, he's all alone in a cell.   Crying-into-tissue