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MOLLIE TIBBETTS - 20, IOWA - Missing/Found Dead
Updates and Confirmations:

Cause / Manner of Death:
Early autopsy results classified Mollie's death as a "homicide resulting from multiple sharp force injuries". No other autopsy details yet released.

[Image: 4F57566300000578-6092321-image-a-18_1535060544714.jpg]

Murder Weapon / Search:
The FBI (including K-9 officers) are on the scene at ^ Yarrabee Farms, Rivera's employer, searching for the murder weapon.  Rivera lived in the red trailer, pictured left above, with several other farms workers.  The white house on the right is also inhabited by farm workers.

Suspect's Work / Immigration Status:
Yarrabee Farms initially claimed that Christhian Bahena Rivera was in the country legally and that it had used the e-verify system to perform a background check.  However, Dane Lang, co-owner of Yarrabee Farms, later said that the farm had instead only checked his ID and driver's license, which were issued under the name Christhian Baena. 

Dane's brother is Craig Lang, former president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and a 2018 Republican candidate for state secretary of agriculture.  I bet he's looking into the vetting of all the other farm workers his family employs and houses on the property right about now.

Federal authorities said they have no record of granting admission into the United States to Rivera (also nothing to indicate he'd ever applied for DACA status).  

Poor Mollie. She must have been so scared.   21
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Remembering Mollie

[Image: 180823-mollie-tibbetts-al-1124_c48637c3e...7;70;5.jpg]

"Mass of the Resurrection for Mollie Tibbetts" will be held tomorrow, Sunday, August 26, at 2 p.m. in a high school gymnasium in her small town of Brooklyn, Iowa.

Tibbetts was last seen on July 18 going for a run. Her body was discovered on August 21 after investigators said Cristhian Bahena Rivera, the suspect in her murder, led them to her.

Tibbetts' aunt spoke out on Thursday, saying she did not want Mollie's memory to be forgotten in the larger discussion surrounding her death.  "I don't want Mollie's memory to get lost amongst politics," Billie Jo Calderwood told CNN.  

Friends and family have remembered Mollie as a kind, playful young woman with many interests including Harry Potter, running, speech and theater.  Mollie spent her early childhood in the Bay Area and her adolescence in Brooklyn, was a sophomore psychology major at the University of Iowa. 

This summer she was staying with her boyfriend, Dalton Jack, and his brother in Brooklyn and working as a camp counselor.

Earlier this summer, Mollie was the best man at the wedding of her father, who lives in Fresno. Her mom said she was also supposed to be the maid of honor when Jack's brother Blake got married in early August.

During the time she was missing, her boyfriend spoke out to the media and made it clear what kind of person she was, saying, "She's the sweetest, kindest most caring person that I've ever met in my life."
Of course she was sweet, kind & caring. It often seems like that's the only kind monsters want.
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