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New "Bitch of the day" Thread . . . .
(06-29-2020, 04:48 PM)Carsman Wrote:
(06-29-2020, 09:58 AM)cannongal Wrote: I have never wondered why they call me bitch.

I see that car's listening to government recommendations is working out really well for him.  In the interim,  I haven't heard of any single snowbird come back to new Hampshire and complain about the rise in covid cases.

I missed the boat!

By the time I started looking for flights back to NE in early May, there were no "non-stop" flights till End of June! All May early June were sold out!

Wow,   you don't drive back and forth?   All the snowbirds that I know drive between Florida and new England.     Look at it this way,   at least you don't have to give up grits and boiled peanuts for the summer  hah
I'm so glad my Dad is out of that wretched hellhole. I know he doesn't like North Country winters any longer but he better stay up there until it's safe to return and that won't be any time soon.
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Heat index Felt like "105" today, damn no fishing today!

(Used to drive when younger, then grew up, flying was much easier!)
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