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What should be done about the caravan of people coming to the U.S.
(03-10-2019, 05:05 AM)Duchess Wrote:
(02-01-2019, 01:35 PM)Maggot Wrote: Anyone that will put a child through a 200 mile trek should be arrested for child abuse.

Depending on who it is, I sometimes find it interesting that not everyone would try to get their kid/s out of danger. Hell, I'd try to get my animals away from it, so yeah, I'm very surprised you wouldn't.

If all around me was turmoil and I just couldn't live in America anymore I would apply for a visa and get out. I would not attempt willy nilly a walk through the woods, desert or a 500 mile trek to a place that "might" be better and "might" take me in. These immigrants are changing tactics and coming to the border en-mass to take advantage of legal loopholes. 

I have noticed also that some Democrats are intruding legislation to allow illegal immigrants the right to vote as was the suspected reason why they fail to do anything about the border crisis. They actually believe there is no crisis when in February there were 76,000 trying to get in during the month. Instead of 100-200 at a time its now 10,000 at a time and because the border is not legally set up to handle that type of increase the president is getting plenty of bullshit backtalk about not being able to keep so called families together. 

The wall needs to be built and port of entries need to be set up that is whats needed and the President because he won and because he's on twitter and because he's not a politician like all the rest laying about in congress is getting attacked by the same people that say they are protecting Americans. It's pitiful and anyone that cannot see it are truly blind.

I also think DNA samples need to be taken from every single person man, woman, child that tries to get in. It would make it easy to keep family members together. That is where the money is needed and a wall together not a rambling political hack trying to get re-elected.
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