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I have a cat! (For 1 month)
OH Thank you Duchess! I really do think something is wrong. When I lived there-I fed her too much and she got a little belly, but now her whole body is ballooning up, it doesn't look right at all. Sorry to hear about your kitty. That is awful. : (
How long after winter did she pass?
(04-24-2019, 11:47 PM)MirahM Wrote: How long after winter did she pass?

It didn't happen overnight, it took a couple years and she never acted sickly until the final day. The only real clue I had, other than the weight gain, was her water consumption and I didn't know enough to recognize it for what it was, I simply thought she was very thirsty when the reality is, it's a huge clue and it's something I now pay attention to with my other cats.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
I hope these people are open. And I hope they are the type to bring the cat to a vet.