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Garlic salad Bowl?!
Sally, I am wondering if you have ever heard of these things:
1. Garlic Salad
2. Garlic Salad Bowl

Apparently the only or best thing to use to make garlic salad is an unfinished wood bowl. Here is what I saw on FB today and it sounds delicious! I also looked up garlic salad online and found other recipes that sounded awesome as well. 

One of our most treasured family recipes is Grandma’s garlic salad. But the thing about garlic salad is that it can’t be made in any old bowl. It has to be made in a completely solid, unfinished, wooden bowl (which is SERIOUSLY hard to find). The process of making the dressing involves pressing garlic into the interior of the bowl, so it can’t b[/color][color=#1d2129]e finished and it can’t have any seams.

....well as previously started the tools are as important as the recipe. Garlic gets ground into the wooden salad bowl. After some time of grinding, olive oil and dry mustard added. Then Romain lettuce torn into small pieces (and only the green leafy parts...hard centers must be removed) next toss with red wine vinegar. Then add Gorgonzola cheese, capers, and homemade croutons....
I have a wood salad bowl that I rub a garlic clove all over it and then make the best fucking ceasar salad you ever ate. I make triple the dressing because it's so damn good, people want to eat it by the spoonful.
I bet that technique would work on bellys.
If you put that on your belly whores and homeless people would be lined up for miles.
I dole it out a spoonful at a time.