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NFL 2019
In case you haven't seen it, which I hadn't till this morning, this is a wonderful commercial. Google's super bowl ad called "Loretta" was based on a real person, the grandfather of a Google employee.

Grab some tissues.

This space for rent  
I watched it again and had the same reaction I did the other night when I first saw it. Wah.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Franklin Graham complaining about the half time show. A bit rich when he gives a sex predator a pass and supports him.

He's the thing Franky, it's art. The costumes are not showing their actual flesh, they are costumes and they are well covered. It is an illusion to make it look like flesh but they are covered from head to toe. No different than an ice skater.

These people think they are God and have a direct line to God so full of judgement and self righteousness and yet the hypocrisy is breathtaking. It's not helping anyone.

I felt there was some magic in there performance, and God was in the mix, they performance was so outstanding it was a spiritually elevating moment.

So pipe down Franky Goes to Washington, I've answered your question.
Say whaaaaaaat? A Flesh fake out? I hate getting boners under false pretenses.