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11 time convict??????
Devil Money Stealing Aunt Smiley_emoticons_fies
dangerous work, confined with no weapon.

Corrections officer Jayme Biendl had repeatedly complained to her supervisors about working alone in the chapel at the Monroe prison. The 5-foot-3, 130-pound officer also complained that security cameras in the area didn't work. Late Saturday, her worst fears were realized when she was strangled in the chapel.

"She was feeling unsafe about this because she's off in the chapel and oftentimes supervising lots of inmates, and she had let her supervisors know that she was not feeling safe," said Tracey Thompson, secretary-treasurer for the state corrections officers union, Teamsters Local 117. "My understanding is there were repeated complaints."

Biendl, 34, was pronounced dead at the Washington State Reformatory Unit in the prison complex at 10:49 p.m. The slaying is the first of a corrections staff member at Monroe and the first of an officer in a state prison since 1979.

Officials of the Department of Corrections (DOC) and Monroe police identified the suspect as Byron Scherf, 52, a "three-strikes," 200-pound repeat rapist serving life without the possibility of parole.

Scherf entered the state prison system in 1997 as a high-security inmate, but he qualified for medium security in 2009 because of good behavior, said Scott Frakes, Monroe prison superintendent.

The first indication something was wrong Saturday came around 9:15 p.m., during a prisoner head count in the reformatory unit. The count found one prisoner missing, and Scherf was located minutes later in the chapel lobby. He told officers he had planned to escape but changed his mind, according to DOC.

An hour later, during a shift change, other officers discovered Biendl hadn't turned in her keys and radio and went to her post in the chapel, DOC said. Staff found her unresponsive, performed CPR and called 911. DOC routinely conducts internal reviews of high-profile incidents, but DOC Secretary Eldon Vail said he is considering requesting an external agency review the case.

"Everybody's stunned, and we're probably going to be in that place for a while," Vail said.

Former Officer of Year

Biendl, of Granite Falls, had been with the department since 2002 and was named Officer of the Year in 2008 at the Monroe facility.

"She was active, loved horses and just was beloved by her co-workers at the facility," Thompson said. "Obviously being officer of the year, this was her career. She took her job really seriously, and she did it really well."

Monroe police say Biendl showed no visible signs of sexual assault, according to Frakes. The Snohomish County Medical Examiner will make the final determination.

Monroe police Sunday obtained two search warrants related to their investigation, including one to search Scherf for physical evidence. Scherf has asked for a lawyer and was being held in the prison's segregation unit.

Scherf is a twice-convicted rapist with a long criminal history. In the late 1970s, at age 19, he was convicted of second-degree assault for trying to rape a Pierce County woman and served two years of a 10-year term, according to court records. On parole, he kidnapped a young waitress from Pierce County, raped her, doused her with gasoline and set her on fire. She survived; he served 12 years in prison.

Scherf was released in 1993, began therapy and was enrolled in college, according to court records and accounts in The Spokesman Review.

In 1995, he abducted and raped a Spokane real-estate agent after making an appointment with her to see a home. Scherf released his victim when she promised not to report him to police. She did, and Scherf ultimately was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The officers' job

The Monroe Correctional Complex, the largest in the state, houses inmates under maximum, medium and minimum security, with capacity for 2,400 men. The complex has five units, including ones for sex offenders and the mentally ill, and employs about 1,200.

Officers carry no weapons — no guns, pepper spray or batons — while on duty at the Monroe prison. Biendl had worked alone in the chapel since 2005.

Biendl at times might have been accompanied by one or two full-time paid chaplains or volunteers, or by inmate janitors known as "porters," Frakes said.

Most inmates are free to visit the chapel, Frakes said, except for inmates in segregation for bad behavior or those in the mental-health unit with a history of violence.

Typically, two unarmed corrections officers are on duty with 240 inmates in a living unit, DOC spokesman Chad Lewis said. During the day, officers mingle with inmates who are outside their cells, visiting, studying, or attending chapel.

"We want them walking around and having social contact," he said. "We're trying to create a positive social environment."

Weapons not only work against that goal, Lewis said, but they can be turned against corrections officers. All staff members are trained in defensive tactics.

"It's always dangerous to have offenders nearby," Lewis said. "We're always outnumbered."

Frakes said female officers began working all posts inside prisons about 30 years ago and began to be seen as "equal to and just as valuable" as male officers.

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another corrections officer.

GRITNEY, FLA. — A corrections officer was killed Wednesday during the pursuit of murder suspect Wade Willams, who was shot dead in a shootout, officials and witnesses said.

Williams shot Col. Greg Malloy, a K-9 officer who had been with the department since 1988, Department of Corrections spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger confirmed. He later died.

Williams killed his parents on Jan. 26 in Cottondale and has been on the run ever since, authorities said. He was spotted Wednesday morning in a wooded area about 8 a.m. north of Gritney and Westville. The hunter, Thomas Crews, who spotted Williams, said he stumbled across Williams' camp. Williams identified himself as "Wade" and said, "I'm going to shoot you," Crews told The News Herald.

Williams subsequently shot at Crews eight to 10 times, he said, and he shot back once but Williams ran into the woods.

Law enforcement officials then were notified of the situation, and multiple agencies began to pursue Williams.

Authorities pursued Williams, not far from the initial search last week, for about an hour before they became involved in a shootout with Williams south of Baker Landing Lane, which is along the Choctawhatchee River north of Westville.

It is unclear whether two officers were shot, as originally reported. Malloy, was shot and airlifted to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, where he later died, Jackson County Sheriff Lou Roberts said. Another officer was shot during the incident but his identity and the extent of his injuries has not yet been released.

dead meat shooter--->

Col. Malloy (bearded) RIP

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just breaking:


CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Three U.S. marshals were shot while trying to serve a warrant in Elkins this morning. The man who shot them was then killed by law enforcement, according to sources close to the investigation.

The marshals and State Police troopers were at the home of Charles Smith at about 8:30 a.m. to serve a warrant on him for failing to appear in court on possession of drugs and firearms charges, according to sources.

After announcing that they were there to serve a warrant, officers breached the door and stepped into the house.

Smith then opened fire with a shotgun, hitting one marshal in the neck, one in his bulletproof vest and one in the arm or hand, according to sources.

A marshal and trooper then fired at Smith, killing him, according to sources. The trooper likely fired the shot that killed him, sources say.

The marshal shot through the neck was transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown. His condition is unknown.

A statement from the U.S. Marshal's office confirmed that three marshals were shot and that two were taken to a local hospital for treatment and one was transported by helicopter.

State Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Baylous could only confirm that there was a shooting incident in Elkins while officers attempted to serve a warrant.

edit to add:
ELKINS -- Authorities with several different law enforcement agencies are on the scene of a fatal shooting in Elkins.

Around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, deputy U.S. Marshals were trying to serve an arrest warrant on Charles Smith at his house on Central Street, according to officials.

When they entered the home, Smith shot one deputy, in the neck. A second deputy was shot in the shoulder with a shotgun. The third deputy received facial injuries from shrapnel from the shotgun, Federal Magistrate Judge John Kaull said.

Officers returned fire, killing Smith, Kaull said.

Two of the deputies have been taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, where they underwent surgery. One of the deputies died at the hospital, according to Kaull.

The third deputy was taken to Davis Memorial Hospital in Elkins.

Smith was armed with both a .45 caliber handgun and a shotgun, Kaull said.

Judge Kaull issued the warrant for Smith, who was wanted on Federal drug charges dating back to 2006, early Wednesday morning, he said.

Smith had lived in the house for about a year, neighbors said.

Authorities have blocked off the streets surrounding the house.

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only 24. i'm waiting for a photo. Signs_173

The U.S. Marshals Service didn't immediately release the deputies' names. But Dustin Hotsinpiller, a Bridgeport police officer, confirmed to The Associated Press that the deputy killed was his 24-year-old brother, Derek Hotsinpiller.

[Image: us_marshal_badge_20110216122352_320_240.JPG]

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(01-26-2011, 12:44 PM)Duchess Wrote:

With all due respect to LEO's everywhere, I would never be able to commit to a relationship with one. I would be out of my mind with fear every time he went to work.

Duchess.... HE..... why did I think you preferred the fairer sex?

Anyway, I don't know how LEO's do it. Knowing every day could be their last when encountering some POS like that. RIP!
(02-16-2011, 04:25 PM)Midwest Spy Wrote:
(01-26-2011, 12:44 PM)Duchess Wrote:

With all due respect to LEO's everywhere, I would never be able to commit to a relationship with one. I would be out of my mind with fear every time he went to work.

Duchess.... HE..... why did I think you preferred the fairer sex?

that's an inappropriate comment in this thread which if you read it, is reverent.

(02-16-2011, 04:25 PM)Midwest Spy Wrote: Duchess.... HE..... why did I think you preferred the fairer sex?


[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]

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Very tragic.
I have nothing but gratitude for these fine people.
My friend is a cop in Richmond, California (near Oakland.)
She is an amazingly brave woman.
I always feel safe when we go out on the town with her!Smiley_emoticons_smile
NY Daily News:
A Poughkeepsie cop was critically wounded Friday after a man killed his own wife and later fired at police, authorities said.

The suspect was also killed - but it wasn't clear if he committed suicide or was taken out by a police bullet.

The 43-year-old cop was in very serious condition after the getting shot in the head, police said. The cop underwent surgery at an upstate hospital, as fellow cops and relatives prayed for his recovery.

The incident unfolded about 1 p.m. after police received a report of a shooting at a parking lot near a Metro-North train station in Poughkeepsie. The suspect's wife was found shot in a car inside a parking lot. She died at an area hospital, authorities said.

An officer who rushed to the scene spotted a man running with a toddler in his arms. The cop gave chase.

After a brief confrontation, the officer snatched the 3-year-old out of the suspect's hands. The man took off.

The cop handed the child to a bystander and again raced after the suspect, authorities said.

Several officers joined in the chase, which ended with one of the cops shot in the head and the suspect dead.

"This is a tragic day in the City of Poughkeepsie for our citizens and for our uniformed personnel," Poughkeepsie Mayor John Tkazyik said. "And at this point, I can only ask that you keep the officers and their families in your thoughts and prayers."

At least a dozen cops were involved in the chase. One officer was treated for a minor injury.

Police officials didn't release the name of the officer who was shot. He's been on the force about 20 years.

edit to add later: A City of Poughkeepsie police officer has died after he was shot in the head this afternoon. Police did not release the name of the officer pending notification of his extended family.

REST IN PEACE Officer John Falcone

crime scene:

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(see previous page)
a brother and mother.
funeral Monday.

Dustin and Pam Hotsinpiller are mourning Derek, the deputy U.S. marshal who was shot and killed while serving a warrant last week. They want him to be remembered with honor and as a driven, accomplished young man.

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BRIDGEPORT -- Thousands turned out Monday for the funeral of Deputy U.S. Marshal Derek Hotsinpiller.

The funeral was held at Simpson Creek Baptist Church. Speakers during the service included: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. Marshals Director Stacia Hylton, U.S. Marshal for the Northern District Gary Gaskins, Hotsinpiller's mother, his girlfriend and his brother Dustin, who is a Bridgeport police officer.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers from all over the state and country watched the funeral on closed-circuit TV at the Bridgeport High School auditorium. Other mourners watched the service from other area churches.

Following the service, two processions made their way through Bridgeport, to the cemetery. The first procession was made up of dozens of police cars and other emergency vehicles, while the second included the hearse and Hotsinpiller's family and friends. Just before entering the cemetery, the processions passed under a large U.S. flag suspended from two fire department ladder trucks.


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suspect still at large. presser at 1300.

A $50,000 reward has been offered in the search for a suspect in the death of St. Petersburg Officer David Crawford.

The FBI, in coordination with the St. Petersburg Police Department, is offering the reward for information leading to the positive identification and arrest of the person who shot Crawford.

Authorities said individuals can report tips to the St. Petersburg Police Department at (727) 892-5000.


For the third time in 30 days, a St. Petersburg police officer has been killed in the line of duty.
Nine officers in Florida have been killed in the line of duty this year – as many as all of last year, according to The Officer Down Memorial Page website.

St. Petersburg Officer David S. Crawford was shot late Monday night after responding to a call in downtown St. Petersburg. He later died at Bayfront Medical Center. He was 46.

The shooting happened on Second Avenue South at Eighth Street South.

Police said a citizen reported a "suspicious person" at 10:30 p.m. The caller said they saw a man with a brick and thought he was going to break into something.

Two officers, Crawford and Ofc. Donald Ziglar were dispatched to the scene. They arrived at 10:34 p.m. A few minutes after that, Ziglar reported shots had been fired and said an officer was down. Ziglar was not injured. Crawford, a 25-year veteran, had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.
Police Chief: Officer shot "multiple times"

At a press conference held at 2:15 a.m., Police Chief Chuck Harmon said the officer was shot "multiple times at close range" and returned fire. Harmon said it was unknown if the suspect was injured.

Harmon did not address if Crawford was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster paused before he spoke at the press conference.

"I'm not going to lie. This city has been through hell. It took 30 years to lose an officer in the line of duty. And within 30 days it happened. Again," he said. "Cities don't prepare for this. Departments don't prepare for this. But what I can assure the citizens of St. Petersburg is that the officers prepare for this every day."

Ofc. Crawford is survived by his wife, Donna and a 24-year-old daughter, Amanda.

Police are still looking for the suspect, described as a black male, between 18 and 20 years old, wearing a black hoodie. The suspect was last seen jumping over a fence.

"We have a killer on the loose," Harmon said.

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Wow. I honestly didn't think St. Pete was that bad. My parents ALWAYS ask {insist, really} that I don't go down into Dade County but St. Pete really surprises me.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Chief Chuck Harmon (left)...suspect still at large. young black male.5'9"
reward now 100K.
He also said Officer Crawford was not wearing a bullet-proof vest when he was shot. :(

Officer Crawford (right):

suspect was wearing these nike flip-flops:

A suspect has been arrested in the fatal shooting of St. Petersburg Officer David Crawford.

At a 11 p.m. news conference, Police Chief Chuck Harmon identified the suspect as a 16-year-old boy.

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a juvenile!
even if florida tries him as an adult, he cannot get death penalty.
LWOP is a long time when you're 16.

ST. PETERSBURG - A full 24 hours after Officer David Crawford was fatally shot, police in St. Petersburg say they have arrested a suspect. Nicholas Lindsey, who turned 16 last week, will be charged with murder.

“It's hard,” Chief Chuck Harmon observed in announcing the arrest. “Even though this is a 16-year-old kid that we're talking about, he still murdered a police officer.”

Crawford, 46, was responding to a report of a prowler in the Campbell Park neighborhood at 10:30 Monday night when he spotted the suspect. A nearby officer heard gunshots, then found Crawford critically wounded next to his cruiser.

A massive manhunt initially failed to turn up the gunman, or even his identity. All day Tuesday, detectives could only muster a vague description of their suspect. Surveillance video from the area showed only the back of a hooded person.

But during the course of the day, investigators received three key tips that eventually zeroed in on Lindsey, who has a record of property crimes but nothing violent. The teenager voluntarily came in for questioning with his parents, whom Chief Harmon described as cooperative.

But his story changed several times during the interview, Harmon said, and Lindsey ultimately confessed.

“At the end of the day, it was quite apparent that he was remorseful in his actions. He cried,” Harmon recalled.

Lindsey, a student in the Pinellas County school system, was expected to be charged with first-degree murder as a juvenile. It will be up to the State Attorney's Office to decide if he will be tried as an adult.

“It doesn't take away the pain, if that makes any sense,” Harmon continued. “I feel for the juvenile's family. But at the same time, he needs to be held accountable for his actions.”

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Glad they caught the little bastard. So senseless.

RIP Officer David Crawford

"Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed."

- Albert Einstein
the brother and mother of the shooter. so why is their barely-16 kid out running the streets with a gun and they have no clue? i am sure they are sorry and sad. because they have lost that kid, his life is over too.
i'm going to follow his case.



The family members of teen shooting suspect Nicholas Lindsey said they were too upset to attend his court appearance Wednesday morning.

Lindsey's father did attend but his mother, Deneen Sweat, 43, and brother, Anthony, 19, spoke to reporters Wednesday morning.

Sweat offered her apology and condolences for the slain officer's family.

She also said she was shocked that her son could be involved the shooting. She said there are no guns in her home and she didn't know where Lindsey got the gun, how he got $140 to buy it or where it is now.

Sweat said her son left their apartment Monday night and returned home at 11:15 p.m. She said she did not know her son had left the home. Later, when she heard about the shooting of Ofc. David Crawford, she asked her son about it.

He initially denied any involvement. She said she urged him to tell what he knew.

"He manned up and said he was scared,'' she said. "He had the gun in his pocket. He said the officer asked him to take his hands out of his pocket. When he took his hands out of his pocket, the automatic gun went off. That's what he said.'' HORSESHIT. he was shot 4 times!
Police say the night of the shooting, the suspect, 16-year-old Nicholas Lindsey, was in the area trying to break into a Dodge Neon but was unsuccessful.

Crawford and another officer were dispatched to the scene. Crawford arrived first.

Police say Crawford was shot as he walked up to the suspect.

"He had his notepad out in his hand. When the suspect turned around, he pulled a weapon out and fired a round at Officer Crawford," said Michael Kovacsev, with SPPD. "He fired three more rounds. He pointed at the officer's belly and hit Officer Crawford four times."

Officers found four casings at the scene. Police say Crawford was able to return six rounds, but the suspect was not hit and fled.

"We do know that he was able to break the perimeter before we could set that perimeter-- and get home," Kovacsev said.

Police say the teen purchased the gun off the street for $140.

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just breaking:

St Louis (KSDK)-- St. Louis police say three US Marshals were shot at a home in south St. Louis.

St. Louis Police surrounded a home in the 3100 block of Osage in South City where the shooting incident happened.

Investigators have requested an ambulance escort to a local hospital with a Marshal who was shot in the incident. The tactical team of the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department is also responding.

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