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Annoying Celebrities
(07-25-2018, 03:18 PM)Carsman Wrote: .
Roseanne didn't say anything different then anyone else has ever said. she just used Twitter and that's a really stupid thing to do, just like Trump using Twitter it's stupid. Today nobody in their right mind would say what they mean and put it in writing. Apologizing looks even worse. 

Should annoying Roseann Barr have had her re-booted new show cancelled because of her Racist Tweet?

Is she a victim of political correctness?

It's a shame so many people had to lose their jobs with the cancellation.

Her comment was unacceptable, but she shouldn't have had her show canceled. Were her 1st amendment rights violated?

Should She should have the freedom to make any jokes she wants without fear of losing her job.

So what say you, should the Roseann show have been cancelled?
Yes or No and why?
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