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Petit Family murders. trial coverage, warning! graphic evidence photos.
[Image: 16x9-dr-william-petit.jpg?quality=85&str...204&crop=1]

William Petit was elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives last month.

Petit's name recognition made his candidacy instant news statewide and beyond. Political science experts said it wiped out the edge that incumbency usually provides and skewed the normal dynamics of races between a veteran lawmaker and a first-time candidate.

Petit has been a household name in Connecticut since the 2007 home invasion, which in addition to killing his family, left Petit beaten and bloodied.

Media outlets tracked his recovery, his attendance at the trials of the two men who ultimately were convicted and sentenced to death, the creation of a foundation to honor his family, his remarriage in 2012, the birth of a son in 2013, his opposition to the state's scrapping of the death penalty, and the re-sentencing of his family's murderers, as well as all other death-row inmates in Connecticut, to life in prison with without parole.

But as a state House candidate, Petit didn't make any of this an issue, nor did his incumbent competitor, 73-year-old Elizabeth Boukus (D), who had held the seat since 1994. The campaigns focused on taxes, jobs, state budget woes, and other issues.

Petit, 60, is a member of a well-known Plainville family. His father ran a popular general store for years, served on the school board, and was on the Connecticut Republican Party state central committee.
Yes, the evidence points to Hayes pouring acceleration on her.
This monster is asking the state Supreme Court for a new trial.

[Image: 3D79C15D00000578-4244338-image-m-5_1487667790373.jpg]

Lawyers for Joshua Komisarjevsky have filed a motion with the state Supreme Court asking for new evidence to be heard.

The attorneys claim Komisarjevsky was unfairly painted as the mastermind of the Petit home invasion and slayings in Cheshire a decade ago.

Komisarjevsky admits to spotting and following the Petits home, beating Dr. Petit while he was sleeping on the couch, and raping 11-year-old Michaela Petit before the house was set on fire, killing Mrs. Petit and her two daughters.

But, he claims he put a pillow under Dr. Petit's head after he bludgeoned him (oh please). In addition, he says once he finished his terrorizing, robbery and raping and saw that Dr. Petit had escaped, he wanted to just leave the house but his partner Hayes was intent on murder and set the house and women on fire.

The motion also claims that Komisarjevsky would have been acquitted of the murders if the jury had seen a letter Hayes wrote to a woman claiming to be the mastermind, and that the police don't want the facts to come out because they botched the response to the calls for help so badly.

I don't think Komisarjevsky stands a chance of a new trial and he's exactly where he belongs for the rest of the life. No matter what each Komisarjevsky and Hayes did separately, they were in it together and both are equally guilty of the brutal murders of the Petits, in my opinion. I hope the motion for a new trial is quickly denied.

They sit in jail and look for ways to get out.
You couldn't get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.
(02-21-2017, 09:26 PM)Maggot Wrote: They sit in jail and look for ways to get out.

Yeah, that's true -- a lot of them do.

Not Komisarjevsky's partner in crime, though.

Steven Hayes pleaded to be executed immediately, without appeals, while the death penalty was still in effect in Connecticut.
are there any updates for josh looking for a new trial as of 2018 or are they just sitting in cells?
(05-31-2018, 08:07 PM)celticsfan34009 Wrote: are there any updates for josh looking for a new trial as of 2018 or are they just sitting in cells?

Welcome celticsfan. I haven't seen any news on the new trial request since early 2017.

This is one of the murders I still think about. When the trials were going on I would lose sleep thinking about what that family went through. It was a horror.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Hello all, wish I came across this forum sooner!

This case has always stuck with me since I was very young and everyday I just cannot fathom what happened almost 11 years ago. Doesn't feel real.
Same here, That story stuck with me as well. I live not very far from there, I have MS myself, & the whole thing is unfathomable. 11 years ago? It seems like yesterday! I'm watching ID right now & I'm furious because there were so many missed opportunities by the police, it makes me furious! Maybe Haley Petit could've found a cure for MS! We'll never know bcuz these SCUMBAGS snuffed out 3 LIVES Prime of their lives. I guess we'll NEVER KNOW! CT couldn't have abolished the DEATH penalty at THE WORST time. They don't deserve to be having 3 square's a day while 3 Beautiful Angels are rotting in the ground. Somebody in prison needs to take these guy's out of commission permanently. I thought inmates DIDN'T TAKE TO KINDLY towards
Child Molesters and disabled woman MURDERER'S! I just heard one of them is trying to say some BS about their trial not being handled correctly? Some ambulance chasing Defense Attorney is saying! ?These "men" deserve to rot in jail or experience exactly what they put their Victims through!? C'MON PRISON PEOPLE!! ???