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The Rules in the Crime Forum
thankyou for reading. and i really appreciate everyone who comments here. i have a few ethical standards by which i want to adhere.
don't name juveniles as suspects. NO PHOTOS OF CHILDREN OTHER THAN VICTIMS or those in MSM (mainstream media). don't post gossip/rumors as fact. don't accuse anyone not named by Law Enforcement. don't use facebook friends' names if they are not directly involved in a case. initials OK.
feel free to post your opinions. but mark them as opinions only.
i will not delete posts. don't ask me.

the major no-shit rules here are no threats and no posting other members' personal info. instant ban.

i love you crimefighters! lady_cop

my email: [email protected]

put your username in subject line.

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i want to add to the rules. any articles taken from news outlets off the net must be linked or at least give attribution. only post part of an article, then the link.
same for photos, give attribution.
this is important in copyright law.
Mock is not responsible for those who do not abide by the rule.
for chrissakes don't post the copyright disclaimer. 22
i'm not going to the Federal Pen, you are. Prison

this is not a MOCK forums rule. however, it is MY preference in the crime forum. get an avatar. it makes it easier for me to instantly recognize the person posting. and also tells me a little about you.
so. get an avatar before posting in the crime forum. i will never make you a full member if you can't be arsed to do that simple thing.

the next lazyass person who stupidly posts the copyright disclaimer with an article for the third damn time is busted. i don't care if you're on your iphone, ipad, always pad or lilypad. you can preview your posts. Banned

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