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Misc. Cases II
I'm accusing you of not being consistent.
(02-01-2017, 08:39 AM)BigMark Wrote: I'm accusing you of not being consistent.

Let me be clear, I am not down with people entering the United States without the proper checks. We already have very stringent rules regarding that and I agree with it.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
(02-01-2017, 08:20 AM)BigMark Wrote: Accused murderers, but let potential terrorists into the country without answering a few questions.

Authorities did not detain or restrict the rights of everyone in Emma's family, everyone at Emma's school, every one of Emma's neighbors, everyone in the area who had access to a gun.......all of whom (and many many more) were 'potentially' responsible for the crime. Fortunately, authorities in this case were not idiotic and they followed constitutional and criminal law.

Instead, authorities in this case detained, arrested, charged, and restricted the rights of the individual they suspect committed the crime, based on probable cause and evidence.

I don't know why you think it makes sense to invoke your political rhetoric into this case. It's illogical, but at least you're consistent in that regard. And, you don't have your facts straight. People from 7 countries are not being asked to answer simple questions before being allowed entry into the U.S. because they, just like every other human being on the planet, could potentially have criminal/violent intent. They are instead currently being banned from entry based on their nationalities, no questions asked, even if they've been thoroughly back-ground checked and answered questions for many months before being approved for visas.
Isn't it a fact that you are innocent until proven guilty under United States law? Lets throw that law out the window but scream bloody murder when another supposed law is broken.
(02-01-2017, 12:13 PM)BigMark Wrote: Isn't it a fact that you are innocent until proven guilty under United States law? Lets throw that law out the window but scream bloody murder when another supposed law is broken.

You're not making sense, Biggie. No one is throwing law out the window here.

The suspect in this case was charged with the murder based on probable cause and evidence. A guilty plea, confession or jury/judge will determine if he is 'guilty' or 'not guilty' under the law.

That doesn't apply to the court of public opinion. And, someone expressing the opinion that those legally charged with premeditated murder shouldn't be able to bond out of jail until the case is resolved is not equivalent to someone expressing the opinion that the law be thrown out the window.

Judges can and do issue 'no bond' in some violent cases like this one - that's within the law. And, the vast majority of those charged aren't able to bond out when the judge sets it at $1million (also perfectly legal); judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys know that full well. This suspect just happens to come from a very affluent family.

[Image: 8870110_G.jpg]
[Image: 092815-beatenKY-1e.jpg][Image: after-attack.gif]

Zachary Gross, 30, was a jealous and obsessive boyfriend, according to LE. Two years ago, he was dating Marilyn Stanley. Marilyn had a small son.

In Sept 2015, Gross came upon a photo of Stanley and her son in the presence of a man on Facebook.

While the couple was sharing a meal soon after...... Gross went off, punched Stanley in the face several times, and beat the shit out of her.

Stanley picked up a knife to defend herself, but Gross took it away and cut off 80% of her scalp. Then he commanded his pitbull to attack her; the dog ripped off her ear.

After the brutal attack, Gross praised his dog for the good work and made Stanley look at herself in the mirror, telling her 'no one will want you now.'

Gross then put Stanley's scalp in a plastic bag and dropped her off a few houses down from her mom's. From there, Stanley called 911 and was taken to the hospital. Gross was arrested.

Gross tried to blame Stanley for the attack and positioned himself as the victim -- standard abuser bullshit.

Fortunately, a jury just found Zachary Gross guilty of first degree assault. He faces 20 years behind bars. I hope he gets the max and doesn't get paroled even one day early.


Sometimes, just one more awful thing is overwhelming to me.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
(02-06-2017, 11:50 AM)Duchess Wrote:

Sometimes, just one more awful thing is overwhelming to me.

I understand that feeling. It really is awful.

But, fortunately, the Gross piece of shit is in prison now where he can't terrorize more women.

And, Marilyn Stanley got a lot of support from the public, including thousands of dollars in donations via GoFundMe to help with her medical treatments.

Unlike dozens of other domestic abuse victims each year, Marilyn survived and she's been able to raise her son and see her abuser pay for what he did to her.
Sounds like he wigged out and was telling a bald face lie.
Alright Biggie, I'll admit that one was pretty funny. Smiley_emoticons_smile

Nonetheless, it's inappropriate, hair-brained, and comes across as something you pulled right off the top of your head.
(02-01-2017, 06:18 AM)Duchess Wrote: That's such a shame. There shouldn't be any bail for murderers.

Fortunately, the judge denied bail for the accused felony murderers in this New Jersey case.

[Image: Sarah-Stern.jpg]

^ Sarah Stern, 19, was last seen on Friday, December 2, 2016 leaving her home in Neptune City, New Jersey at 11:45PM, driving her Grandmother's silver 1994 Oldsmobile. She was reported missing by her parents and the car was found unoccupied with the keys inside on the Route 35 bridge over Shark River inlet in the early hours of December 3rd.

Two of Sarah's best high-school friends, Liam McAtasney, 19 (pictured top right) and Preston Taylor (pictured top left and at prom with Sarah) are charged with her murder. Her remains have not yet been found.

Diabolical stuff. Both defendants hung out at Sarah's house, knew her parents, and participated in searches for Sarah before they were recently arrested after a witness came forward with information.

The witness was a friend of both defendants. He told LE that Taylor confessed to him about the robbery and murder, which had been planned for 6 months.

Prosecutors said Taylor first denied knowing anything, but later admitted to moving Stern’s body twice after his friend and roommate Liam McAtasney allegedly strangled her on December 2 — first moving her body from her home, and then eight hours later from the family’s backyard into her car, where the duo drove her to the Belmar Bridge and dumped her body into the Shark River.

LE hasn't directly posited about motive publicly, but 'felony' murder is charged because the murder occurred during the commission of another crime, robbery.

RIP Sarah Stern.


Imagine being Sarah's parents; learning that these "friends" who'd hung out in your house for years and helped in the search are the suspects in your daughter's murder. Such betrayal. It's exactly the same thing that happened to the parents of Skylar Neese. Skylar was murdered by her two best friends who'd been considered like second daughters to the Neeses and helped in the searches too. Skylar's thread:
Mass Murderer Kills 8 people in Plano, Texas

[Image: 443463A900000578-0-image-a-46_1505250766466.jpg]
Meredith Lane (left), 27, was killed on Sunday by her estranged husband Spencer Hight (left, with Lane).

The couple had a contentious relationship and she'd filed for divorce.

A witness at a nearby business said she saw Hight approach the house and an argument ensued between the couple outside. Hight then pulled a gun.

Hight proceeded to shoot Lane to death and then fired 30 to 40 rounds into the group of football fans and friends gathered at Lane's home watching the Dallas Cowboys game. Seven of Lane's friends died and one is in the hospital.

The other men pictured above are two of the innocent murder victims, identified as Tony Cross (bottom-right) and Darryl Hawkins (top-right).

Police shot Hight to death when they arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting began.

What an effin' useless loss of life.
What is it with your left and right?
Nothing. The right and left photo designations in my post above are correct.
Okay i'll give you that, but he's right of Lane.
Huh, not even ONE good guy with a gun present, in gun happy Texas.
Plano, Texas -- Mass Murder update


Police have identified the murder victims. RIP.

Meredith's mom, Mrs. Lane, told reporters that Spencer Hight started off as a loving husband. But, he grew more reclusive over the last couple of years and Meredith's parents later learned he had a drinking problem.

Hight lost his job with Texas Instruments in 2015, shortly after the couple purchased a home and Meredith was paying the mortgage (she worked for Coca-Cola) on her own. Mrs. Lane said she learned recently that Hight had gotten physical with Meredith before, but Meredith didn't seek a restraining order when she filed for divorce because she wasn't afraid of him.

Hight's dad also told reporters that his son had a drinking problem. He said he's sorry for what his son did and that the Hight family loved and got along well with Meredith. He knew some of the other murder victims as well.

Thank god the millions of other Americans with drinking problems don't go around shooting scores of people to death. One of the murder victims, James Dunlop, was Spencer Hight's friend who'd served as his best man at the couple's wedding.

Hight reportedly took multiple guns to the scene on Sunday.

(01-31-2017, 08:51 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: [Image: emma-walker.jpg]

KNOXVILLE, TN - The ex-Maryville College football player accused of fatally shooting his former high school girlfriend has been released on bond.

On Nov. 21, investigators say Gaul stood in the fenced backyard of 16-year-old Emma Walker and fired a gun into her bedroom. The popular Central High School cheerleader was killed as she lay in bed. The indictment alleges that Gaul stole the gun from his grandfather.

Gaul was released on bond and is no longer in custody, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office.


Prosecutors said Gaul intended to kill his ex-girlfriend in anger over the end of their two-year relationship. Defense lawyer Wesley Stone said Gaul never intended to harm Walker and should be convicted of the lesser charge of reckless homicide.

The jury sided with the prosecution yesterday and found Gaul guilty of felony murder, stalking, tampering with evidence, theft of between $500 and $1,000, and possession of a firearm in a dangerous felony.

The eight-man, four-woman jury deliberated four hours before reaching its verdict. The 19-year-old was immediately given a mandatory sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole for 51 years.

Another (alleged) monster who appeared to be a normal family man.

[Image: 6848142-0-image-a-65_1543595869588.jpg]

Paul Caneiro, 51, pleaded not guilty today to four counts of first degree murder for the deaths of his younger brother Keith Caneiro and his family (pictured center).

Keith was found shot multiple times, his wife Jennifer was found shot and stabbed and their children Sophia and Jesse, 11, were stabbed 'repeatedly'.

Paul and Keith were business partners and Keith, the more successful of the two, was said to be looking to end the partnership.  

Paul is also accused of setting fire to the family's $1.5m mansion before fleeing to return to his house 12 miles away and set it on fire too on November 20. He was in the home with his wife and two adult daughters when he set it ablaze.  

Investigators believe Paul Caneiro was trying to cover what he did to Keith and his family by making it look like he too was a target.  Police identified Paul as the prime suspect immediately.

'Mr Caneiro loves his brother, loves his sister-in-law like a sister, loves those children. He would never do anything to harm them,' his lawyer told the court.

A Monmouth County prosecutor has described the murders as 'the most brutal crime' that he had ever seen on Thursday.

Full story: