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REMAINS FOUND Isabel Mercedes Celis, 6. AZ missing
[url=]Isabel 7th birthday mass[/url]

The family of missing child Isabel Celis planned to celebrate their daughter's 7th birthday with a special Mass at church, praying for her safe return.

There is video of Sergio and Becky at link.
Sergio and Becky Celis were on Katie Couric Monday. Isabel was reported missing on 21 April 2012.

Katie show
Scroll about halfway down the page for the interview.

Sergio has his eyes closed most of the time he's talking. His story of the morning Isabel went missing has changed a bit-he's added some more detail on his thoughts. Becky still doesn't make a whole lot of sense when she talks, still covering for Sergio (and has she gained weight! Guess she hasn't been out pounding the pavement looking for Isa or putting up missing person fliers).

I said it at the time, I think Sergio did something to Isabel and Becky is helping to cover it up. I wonder if either of them are back at work and what they are doing with the donations from Isabel's fund?

The reward for information leading to Isabel's recovery is still at $60,500.
Looks like Tuscon Police are actively investigating Isabel's "disappearance" again.

Tuscon Police

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson Police are beginning the second day of a stepped-up presence in a neighborhood where a Tucson girl went missing nearly two years ago.

Isabel Celis was 6 years old when she disappeared from her home near Broadway and Craycroft in April of 2012.

There is video of Sergio speaking. As usual, it's all about him, not once does he mention his missing daughter by name. I am hoping the Tuscon Police have some new information to arrest someone and move this case forward. If you go back and read this thread, many of us (including LC) were of the opinion that Sergio had something to do with his daughter missing.

If you are new to this case, page 9 has the 911 call by Sergio. Give it a listen.
Remains of Isabel Celis located almost five years after disappearance

[Image: 2762043_G.jpg]

Never had much hope that Isabel was alive, but it's still sad to know that the sweet little girl is definitely dead.

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus would not confirm when or where her remains were located, but said the remains were sent to an independent lab for DNA analysis. The results of the DNA analysis confirmed the remains to be that of Isabel Celis.

Chief Magnus would not release what led authorities to the location of where her remains were discovered, but said it was not "happenstance" and was a result of the continuing investigation. (I hope that means they're sweating a suspect or that someone snitched on the killer.)

6-year-old Isabel was reported missing in April of 2012 when her father called 911. He said she was last seen at 11 pm the night before, but was missing from her bed at 8 am, and the screen had been taken off her window.

Police interviewed sex offenders, the parents, the uncle/cousin with a criminal record who originally served as the family spokesperson. They've also fielded over 2,000 tips.

RIP Isabel.

Full story and interview video with the Chief:
So sad HoTD. So so sad. Makes you want to cry even from over here.
(04-01-2017, 06:01 AM)aussiefriend Wrote: So sad HoTD. So so sad. Makes you want to cry even from over here.

It really is heartbreaking, aussie.

A lot of case followers suspect Isabel's strange dad and/or her criminal uncle/cousin. I hope they're wrong. It makes it even sadder to me when that level of betrayal is added to the mix.

Isabel's remains were finally located in the desert. But, LE won't say yet exactly where or what led them there. Something led them there after all these years, so I'm really hoping an arrest(s) is coming soon.
At least her remains can be laid to rest. RIP Isabel.

I sincerely hope that LE has a suspect and evidence to nail the bastard to the wall.
I still think it's the dad.
Dad's a strange guy. His seeming nonchalance and his comment about telling his wife to 'get her butt home' during the 911 call always rubbed me way wrong.

I hope it's not him, but I won't be terribly shocked if dad and/or someone else close to Isabel were involved.

I really hope LE knows a lot more than they're saying about who, why and how.
I have spent some time preparing my crow and am ready to eat it...

Suspect arrested

I was damn near certain that Sergio had killed Isabel.  I was wrong.  Came back to post this, I'm sure Lady Cop already knows, but this should be closure to some of us who have followed since the beginning.
(09-15-2018, 06:38 PM)Cheyne Wrote: I have spent some time preparing my crow and am ready to eat it...


I once thought a teenage girl played a role in her own kidnapping. I was wrong, so wrong. Her case is in this thread too.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Thanks for the update Cheyne. I'm so glad that Isabel and Maribel's families finally have some measure of justice/closure.

Isabel Celis was six years old when she was reported missing from her bed in Tucson in 2012.  Her body was found five years later.   

Maribel Gonzales was 14 years old when she went missing from her home in Tucson in 2014. Her body was found several days later, miles away in a desert area near Trico Road and Avra Valley Road in Tucson.

From Cheyne's link:  Christopher Clements, 36,  is accused of killing both girls.

[Image: 17614351_G.jpg?auto=webp&disable=upscale...0915140033]
Isabel Celis, Christopher Clements, Mirabel Gonzales

Clements is a real winner.   He has a lengthy criminal record including convictions for a child sex crime, identity theft, assault, and failing to register as a sex offender.  

Hoping that LE has DNA matching Clements from the remains of both Isabel and Maribel.