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Alexandra Cousino

Also testifying in both trials Tuesday was Alexandra Cousino, 22, who said she knew both victims as well as Williams and Mr. Pettaway. Ms. Cousino testified that Williams and Mr. Pettaway "were friends growing up. They hung out a lot." While she also knew Clarke and Ms. Straub, she said she never introduced them to Williams and Mr. Pettaway.

She testified that Ms. Straub bought a "pit bull" puppy from her for $100, but only paid $50. Ms. Cousino and Clarke also had a dispute in January, 2011, over a car she bought from him but ultimately returned to him. She said she was upset about the car and at one point told Clarke she would beat up his girlfriend.

Judge Bates asked her whether she told Williams or Mr. Pettaway about the dispute with Clarke over the car. She said she did not.
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Samuel Williams

"Calling the deaths of Lisa Straub and Johnny Clarke "barbaric to the extreme," Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge Dean Mandros sentenced a Toledo man Friday to life in prison without the possibility of parole."
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TOLEDO, OHIO -- The East Toledo man accused of strangling a couple to death in Springfield Township early last year will walk free.
Cameo Pettaway

"A Lucas County judge dismissed the murder charges against Cameo Pettaway, 23, on Thursday, after a week of court proceedings.

Pettaway was on trial for the deaths of Lisa Straub, 20, and her boyfriend, Johnny Clarke, 21. The couple was found dead inside Straub's parents' Longacre Lane home in January 2011.

Straub and Clark were asphyxiated and had plastic bags on their heads when they were found.

Prosecutors alleged that the only evidence linking Pettaway to the crime was a cigarette butt with the defendant's DNA found outside the home. The judge took only 10 minutes to dimiss all charges citing lack of evidence.

A second accused, Samuel Williams, is being tried in a separate courtroom. Williams DNA is also said to have been carried on the cigarette butt. Closing arguments in his case wrapped up Thursday.

Last week, the judge found Pettaway to be mentally retarded, and therefore, would not be sentenced to death if convicted.