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(11-03-2018, 11:16 AM)Duchess Wrote: trump's own republican AG, Jeff Sessions has said there is nothing there. Nothing. There is nothing for him to go back and take another look at. When people tell you over and over and over again and y'all still insist there is something it makes you look deranged. What more do you want when republicans in charge say there is nothing? What?

What was in the 30 000 emails? What was in the server when it was bleachbit? Do YOU know? Does Jeff Sessions? If it is that no one knows then how could it logically be that ANYONE could say that there is nothing there. People have been put in jail for less.
(10-09-2018, 02:13 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: you believe men have the right and entitlement to molest and sexually assault minors and women.  

If HoTD doesn't agree with you politically you better humour her snowflake mentality or she will smear you for no good reason, like every other indoctrinated SJW. Liar and Slimeball.