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An explanation of the Tea Party's origin
Well I read that and it was ideological talking points spouted in EXACTLY the same way as John Oliver, Colbert and the late night idiots do.

There was a LOT that was pretty stupid for some one holding themselves out as a font of knowledge around the situation.

Trump taking advantages that are afforded to him as a rich person is not something that he has shied away from. Hell, he was the first to say "I paid money to you and you and you"

The bottom third is NOT to say that the lowest 33% of people are going to vote for Trump or any Republican or that he is trying to win their vote and it would be a bit silly to infer that.

Disagreeing with Trump is NOT because you see through him but rather that you do not like him or are inclined to not vote for him irrespective.

It is ENTIRELY possible for there to be MULTIPLE issues at one time. Trump talking about the wall and the problem with illegal immigrants is not to say that there is not also corruption in the government. It would be stupid to say that he is focus exclusively on this to detract from the corruption in the government (in fact he has promised to investigate the FISA abuse through Huber and Horowitz for example).

A person without a degree does not make them less politically aware or even less intelligent that someone with a degree.

Trump using kooky phrases or saucy language or making the occasional silly tweet means precisely nothing in the scheme of things.

I could go on but there is only so much time I feel like investing in this.

Essentially JUST because someone has an impressive resume or writes well and articulates themselves well, it does not necessarily mean that what they say is anything more than just their point of view. It does not make it fact or truth or warrant it heightened credibility. This guy wrote something, so fucking what?

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