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I've been loosely following this case for the last couple of weeks and was hoping Kelsey had just taken off somewhere, though it never seemed likely.

[Image: 7707948-6520371-image-a-17_1545406362685.jpg]
^ Kelsey, a 29-year-old pilot and flight instructor, has been missing since Thanksgiving. 

She was spotted on surveillance video with her 1-year-old daughter at a Safeway in Woodland Park that day and her cell phone pinged about 800 miles away in Idaho on Nov. 25.  Her phone has not yet been recovered by police.

Kelsey's fiance, Patrick Frazee - 32, told investigators that he'd seen Kelsey later on Thanksgiving day when he picked up their daughter.

Last weekend, authorities searched Frazee's property in Florissant, but they did not find any signs of the missing woman. At that time, they said they had not ruled out Frazee as a suspect.

Since then, LE received new information which appeared to implicate Frazee and led them to believe that Kelsey was killed in her own home.


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