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Some corrections/updates:

1.  It doesn't appear that Patrick Frazee had primary custody of the little girl (I edited that out of the post upthread).  Based on more recent news reports, it appears that Kelsey and Frazee shared custody.

2.  Frazee's mother, with whom he lives, was detained in connection with the case.  She has not been charged with a crime.

3.  Frazee told detectives early on that Kelsey dropped the baby off at his house after she was captured on surveillance video with the baby on Thanksgiving day.  Investigators now believe that he actually went to her house, where they suspect that she was killed, and took the baby.

4.  The couple were scheduled to attend a court custody hearing on December 27th.

5.  On November 25th, someone sent a text to Kelsey's employer from her phone saying that she was taking the week off.  LE traced pings from her phone to a location in Idaho (but they still haven't located the phone).

6.  It was Kelsey's mom who reported her missing.

7.  Kelsey's cousin describes her as a really good person who made everyone feel good and was thrilled to become a mom.  The cousin says that Kelsey met Frazee on an internet dating site and that he showed up at her home in Washington a few months later to move her near him in Colorado (though the couple never lived together).

I suspect that Kelsey was planning to leave Frazee and take the baby, or maybe he just wanted full custody of the girl. Speculation only.

Frazee has been assigned a public defender and is being held without bond.  His next court hearing is set for December 31.


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