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This news will likely surprise just about nobody.

Two individuals who have worked with the Idaho woman that is being investigated for disposing of Kelsey Berreth's cell phone say that she and Patrick Frazee had been in a romantic relationship for months.

The 32-year-old nurse is believed to have possibly disposed of Berreth's phone in Idaho in the days after she was last seen alive.

The woman, whose identity is not being revealed as she has not yet been charged with a crime, could also be the person who had been plotting with Frazee about killing Berreth should the investigation prove she did in fact dispose of the cell. spoke with two people who know the nurse professionally, and they both said that they had been told that Frazee was having an affair with the woman for quite some time.

The woman was divorced from her husband a few years back, they explained, and had met Frazee at a rodeo.

One of the the people spoke with also said that the nurse was in Colorado around Thanksgiving. 
That would explain how Frazee was able to get the cell phone to Idaho while never leaving the state. 

Full story:

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