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In its opening statement, the Prosecution described how Frazee had tried to get McKinney to kill Kelsey at least three separate times in the months prior to Kelsey going missing.  

Each time, McKinney backed out, leaving Frazee himself to beat Kelsey to death with a baseball bat in her own condo on Thanksgiving last year and take off with their 1-year-old daughter.

McKinney, who along with others had been told false stories by Frazee that Kelsey was an abusive addicted mother,  admits she then complied with Frazee's demand that she clean up the mess at the condo and plant Kelsey's phone 800 miles away in Idaho.

McKinney, however, refused to drive Kelsey's body to Idaho.  So, according to prosecutors, Patrick Frazee burned it, along with the murder weapon, at his family's farm (about 15 miles from Kelsey's condo).

The trial is expected to last about 3 weeks.


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