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Damning Circumstantial Evidence Presented at Trial

Security footage from a neighbor's home shows Patrick Frazee as he enters and exits the home of Kelsey Berreth 11 times on the day she went missing.  He originally told LE he didn't go to her house that day; said she dropped the baby off at his house.

Berreth is also seen walking into her home with roses and her daughter Kaylee, just before she was allegedly bludgeoned to death by Frazee.

She is never seen exiting, and at 4.20pm Frazee enters and exits the home seven times in the span of just 10 minutes on the footage, which was shown in court.

Sean Frazee, the defendant's older brother, said he was two hours late to Thanksgiving dinner and later rolled his eyes at accused killer while exiting court.

Jurors also learned that Frazee had just defaulted on a $72,000 loan and had not paid Berreth her $700 in monthly child support since July. It was the following month when Frazee first asked his mistress Krystal Kenney to murder Berreth, she has told police.


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