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Trial Wraps Up

Closing arguments will be heard today.

The Prosecution presented 60 witnesses to make their murder case against Patrick Frazee. The Defense did not present any witnesses and Frazee chose not to testify on his own behalf.

A fellow prisoner became a surprise witness late in the trial when he testified that he received 16 notes from Frazee with instructions to use his prison gang connections to have several of the witnesses testifying against him killed.

The list included the prosecution's star witness and Frazee's secret girlfriend, Idaho nurse Krystal Lee. Also on the list was Kelsey Berreth's mother (who now has custody of Kelsey's daughter with Frazee).

Anyway, the jury of seven women and five men is expected to begin deliberations after closing arguments finish up today.

Frazee faces life in prison if convicted.


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