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Guilty Verdict for Patrick Frazee

[Image: guilty+frazee+graphic.jpg]

It took the jury less than 4 hours to deliberate and find him guilty on all charges; first degree murder, solicitation of murder, and tampering with a corpse.

The sentencing hearing is underway now.  He will very likely get life in prison with no parole, but I'll update the thread when the official sentence is announced.

This was one case where the wheels of justice moved quickly.  In less than a year, LE and Prosecutors managed to tie everything together and present a very compelling case despite having no body, no murder weapon and no physical evidence.  

That wouldn't have been possible without their star witness, Krystal Lee McKinney.  She cleaned-up the crime scene and initially lied to investigators.  Shortly thereafter, she came clean and got a plea deal for testifying against Frazee.  

McKinney pleaded guilty to tampering and will be sentenced soon -- she faces a max of 3 years.

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