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Echo in the Canyon
I am stuck here
I should have been in that era

Then I took a walk over to some surf music from the Ventures. (Saw them in concert, it was fun)
Got an invite from a friend-didn't know who they were (wipe out) Oh those guys!
Some ladies didn't want front row so they asked us to trade with them.
That was cool

Then my little journey this evening took me to Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers.

I was at an open mic in a coffee shop in North Bend-the same one in Twin Peaks.

My friend and I were just about to get up and leave and someone says, "You might want to stick around for this next performance"

These guys come in from playing at the jazz bar a few doors down, set up and started playing. I was in heaven. It was amazing. Got to see them again later on. They put on a great show.

Very cool, glad you had fun.
That is very cool Mirah. Watching great live music in small venues is one of the best ways to spend a night out.
I like small venues Donovan. Ian Anderson and Dave and Ray Davies were really good. But nothing beats local talent.
Remember we're all in the same storm, just not in the same ship.
The local talent and scene is no where like where I used to live.
I miss it so much.
If you see me singing karaoke call me an uber please.